Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kaylee's 1st t-ball game

Technically it was Kaylee's 3rd game.
Her first game was March 29th (3 days after my augmentation surgery), I felt really bad that she wasn't able to attend.  We did go to the field to take her t-ball pictures and then headed home, I just wasn't feeling to awesome.  I was happy that pictures went fast and I was able to get back home and rest.  Her second game was April 3rd which she missed because I had a dr apt and we had to drop my mom off at the airport.

So her 3rd game came and it happened to land on a day that Jason's parents were visiting.  So Kaylee was excited to show grandma and grandpa all her skills.  And it just so happened that daddy made it home to visit and watch her first game as well.  Everyone was pretty excited.

When Jason's parents visit the girls spend the night with them, so Kaylee and grandma came so that Kaylee could get ready.  But little did anyone know that Jason was on his way home to surprise his mom for the day.  His mom was totally surprised and loved that he was able to come home for the day.  Kaylee was all ready and we loaded up into the car to head to her game, her game was about an hour away.  I thought that was kinda far to go for a little kids t-ball game but we went anyway cause grandma and grandpa were excited to see her play.  Since I had no idea even how to get to the game we met the coach and some other players where we practice and we all followed each other. 

The road started out ok and then the further we go the windier it got, well much to our surprise there was a motorcycle accident ahead of us.  The motorcycle guy was going to fast and hit the guard rail and then the motorcycle people behind him ran him over.  We got stuck on this road on a curve for over an hour.  Kaylee's game started at 10:15 by the time we were allowed to pass and drive the rest of the way to the game it was 11:45.  By the time we got there the other team had left, except 3 players.  So the coaches decided to split the kids up and let them play 2 innings so they at least got to play since we drove all that way.

While stuck behind the accident Kaylee had been taking a nap but for some reason she wasn't in the mood at all to play.  She got put at third base and when the ball game to her she would just stand there, I got so mad at her.  She was then up to bat and hit 2 good hits on both of her turns but she didn't want to run.  Grandma and grandpa thought she did great, me I was mad that we drove all that way and she didn't do anything.  We could have stayed home and had a better visited with daddy, grandma and grandpa.  Once we got back home we ate some pizza and got to hang out with daddy for 15 minutes before he had to head back to work.

I am hoping that she does better at her game this weekend!



  1. She looks so cute in her little outfit!

  2. I die! There is nothing cuter than little ones playing sports! She looks adorable in her little uniform and helmet!! hehe!

  3. i remember playing t-ball as a 2nd grader, great memories!! i hope your daughter enjoys t-ball as much as I did

  4. Oh my goodness! That's terrible about the accident! She looked so cute in her uniform though!!

  5. She's so cute in her little outfit!