Monday, April 28, 2014

Kendall is 18 months old

Kendall Morgan,

You are a year and a half old.  How are we already here?!  You are no longer looking like a baby and you are looking more and more like a big girl.  You are starting to talk and say more words, you follow directions really well (even better than your sisters) & you are just too darn cute!

Some days being a stay at home mom can be really hard.  People think it's easy to stay home all day and care for little ones, but they couldn't be more wrong.  Being a parent in a hard full time job, hoping that your raising your kids right, with manors and to respect others, to teach them right from wrong, if you have more than one child you spend most of your days breaking up fights and telling them to share, nursing all the boo boo's they may get and showing them nothing but unconditional love, yes it's hard but it is all worth it.  I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my girls and watching them grow and learn each day.  Since Miss Kendall is my last baby I am trying really hard to soak in all these moments with her and enjoy each day good or bad.  She has a way of making me smile even on the hardest of days and I am so thankful for that.  I want to be the best mom I can to each of my girls and I hope that they can see that.

PERSONALITY:  She is the funniest.  She lights up a room and is still the happiest little girl.  She is extremely ticklish on almost every part of her body. 

SLEEPING: She is a great sleeper and still takes 2 naps a day.  She goes down for a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  Her lovey has to be with her at all times when it involves going to sleep.  She carries her lovey every where and even takes it in the car.  It calms her down when she's crabby.

EATING: Last month we had a little food regression and she's wasn't wanting to eat a lot of the stuff I was putting in front of her.  But this month she is back to being my little human garbage disposal, which I'm happy about.  This girl can eat more than both of her sisters and she can eat more than me too.  It's so crazy, she can eat a lot and the little thing only weighs 20lbs! 

Weight: 20lbs
Clothes: 18 months
Shoes: size 3 moving into size 4 soon
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark blue
Teeth: 12 (bottom right canine about to come in)

* Purses, she loves to carry around my mini Coach purse.  She puts all her special little toys inside and then slides it onto her shoulder and then goes "woo woo" 
* Cars, she will gather all the cars & trucks we have and push them around the house making the "vroom vroom" noise.
* Babies, she is obsessed with babies.  She has 3 different ones, 3 different sizes and she loves them all.  She is the sweetest little mama with them.  She's so gentle and likes to give lots of hugs and kisses.
* Dancing, she is a little dancing queen.  Anytime music comes on she rocks out.  It's funny the girls taught her how to fist pump and when were in the car, she fist pumps.  It's so cute.
* Chalk, she loves to be outside and draw with the chalk.  She likes to draw with the chalk and then she'll sit on it and ends up with chalk all over her.

* Having her diaper changed, she has to always be on the move so having to stop and get her diaper changed is not one of the favorite things.
* Being told NO NO
* The feel of grass, she's not a big fan of grass touching her
* Sitting in the bath while the water is running

* Saying more words each day, some new words: GRANDPA, SQUIRREL, BABY, GO, NO, CAKE, ISS (kiss), BALL & PLEASE
* She plays pretend with her babies, we have a car seat carrier for babies and she likes to put her babies in there and carry them around.
* She loves to play with other little kids her age and kids that are older.  She's not shy at all.
* She is very curious and likes to explore her surroundings.
* She tries to copy things that other people do (the one she does the most is when people laugh, she laughs right along with them even if she's doesn't know what they are laughing at)
* She can follow 2 step commands
* Can stack blocks to make a tower
* Can walk up stairs with no problems
* Can turn pages in a book
* Shows affection towards people (especially mommy) I like when she comes up to me and gives me a hug and kiss without asking her
* She's able to take off her shoes and socks by herself
* As soon as she goes potty in her diaper she will come and tell me (maybe potty training her will be easy!  One can only hope, right?!)
* Can BARK like a dog, MEOW like a cat & HISS like a snake
* Responds yes and no by nodding her head when I ask her questions
* Animal noises she knows:  SNAKE, DOG, CAT, BIRD, OWL, DUCK, BEAR & HORSE

* Kendall got a new cousin (Jason's brother Antheney's wife had a baby girl)
* Had her first real Easter egg hunt (4.20.14)
* Loves to watch Kaylee at her t-ball games and yell for her when it's her turn up to bat
* Started calling me "MOMMY" and it is the cutest thing ever
* When she "screams" or "cries" after having a little temper tantrum, she gets sent to her room until she stops crying.  When she starts to scream or cry I tell her to go to her room until she's done crying and she listens and comes out when she's done and settled down.`
* Loves to get little baby massages



  1. I can't believe it!!! What a sweet and beautiful little lady:)

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    I love your gold chevron and the sweet font of your blog. I die over the cute pictures of your girls and the pigtails with mocs. LOVELOVELOVELOVE. I'll forever be a follower <3

  3. Happy year and a half, sweet girl! I just LOVE the last picture!! So beautiful!