Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kendall is 17 months old

Kendall Morgan,

Well here we are again, another month down in the books, another month older.  My mama heart isn't ready and it makes me sad that you are growing as fast as you are.  But I will say that I am loving this age with you, you listen to your mama so well (sometimes even better than your older sisters), you are such a funny little girl and you have the sweetest heart and it helps my mama heart that you are such a mama's girl.

I love you to the moon and back Kendall!

PERSONALITY:  your personality shines so bright.  We've heard it from day one with you how happy of a baby you are and it's still true to this day.  You are so incredibly funny and now how to make me laugh when your sister's are testing your mommy's limits.  You like to act silly all the time and you try to mimic things that your big sisters do. 

SLEEPING:  you are an awesome sleeper, you have been since the beginning.  I got pretty lucky in the sleeping department with all of you.  You are still taking 2 naps a day.  You take your first nap from 9-11 and then you will get up, play, eat lunch and then go back down for a nap again from 12:30-2:40 when I have to wake you up to go pick up Kaylee from school.  You go to bed each night around 8-8:15.  Even with your sisters being loud you can still sleep through it.

EATING:  you've become a little picky in the eating area.   You use to be such a great eater and would eat pretty much anything put in front of you.  Now some of the foods that were once your favorite you turn your nose up to them.  We bribe you a little bit, if we are eating something you really like then we tell you that you need to eat the something you don't like first before you get the other, it seems to be working.  Some of your favorite foods are, bananas, blueberries, crackers, granola, dried veggies and pb&j. 

* At 16 months old you finally started walking.  Out of your sister's you were the latest to walk.  You were very cautious about the whole walking thing but once you got your confidence and a little chocolate bribing you started walking and haven't stopped since
* You are talking a lot more and saying more words.  New words this month: SQURIEL, DOG, MORE, MIMI, BALL, BABY
* You are still using your sign language  a little bit but mostly talking
* You are trying to run (it's more like a super fast walk)

* You are starting to love doing puzzles, you are still trying to figure out how to put them in the places but you can find where they go pretty fast.
* You like to play with the doll house in your sister's room, I often find you in there playing by yourself.
* You like to play with cars and can make the vroom vroom sound when playing with them
* You like to give your sisters hugs & kisses each night before bed

* Being told NO
* Not getting her food to her fast enough
* 5:30pm - I don't know what it is but at 5:30 every night for the past 2 weeks you turn into a super cranky baby until it's dinner and then your fine.

* Your lovey, you cannot go to sleep without it (we bought back ups, one for the car & one for traveling).  You like to carry your lovey around the house with you.



  1. Cute!! I think she's starting to look more like Kaylee again! I keep going back and forth as to which she looks more like haha...this month I vote Kaylee ;-)

  2. Your pictures are all gorgeous! I've followed you for a bit now & all three of your daughters are precious!!

  3. Honey, you seriously have such gorgeous children! These pictures look amazing!

  4. She is just gorgeous!!! Happy 17 months happy girl!

  5. I love this little cutie! The second picture and the last picture are my favorites. She is adorable!