Monday, February 1, 2016

ROWR Hungry....

Around every day at the same time, 11am Kendall turns into this bear and is whines...
"I'm Hungry!"  I know every mom with a toddler knows what I'm talking about!  When toddlers are hungry they turn into crazy wild animals. 

With my girls, they will eat breakfast and then 30-45 minutes later there already talking about what's for lunch and that there hungry.  I tell them there not hungry they are just bored and to go play!  This shirt describes Kendall perfectly!  If your looking for adorable tees for your little one check out Huckleberry Threads and if your looking for an extremely cute skirt (that goes with everything) then head to Taylor Joelle Designs for this skirt and so much more!  You wont be disappointed with either shop.


Outfit Details:
Hat: Target (3 years ago)
Shirt: Huckleberry Threads
Skirt: Taylor Joelle Designs
Shoes: Weesqueak
Fur Vest: Target (last year) 

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