Thursday, June 8, 2017

Beach Trip - Day 5 (Marine Lab & Beach Play)

Who looks super cute & knows it? These
I like the fact that the girls are finally sleeping in while on vacay, I mean maybe it is cause they are going to bed later than normal.  But whatever it is, I'm happy to be able to sleep in to at least 7:30.
Last year when we came to the beach we took the girls to Seymour Discovery Marine Lab and they loved it, I did too.  It's not very big but there's a lot of fun things to see and learn.  This year we knew we had to go back since the girls had so much fun last year. 
Once we got inside you pick up a laminated page and go on a scavenger hunt to the find all the animals on the page, the girls love that part.  A sweet lady that worked there was walking around with us and the girls learned some amazing things, like that the baby sharks that were there are nocturnal and they even got to see a baby shark in the embryo.  She showed us where the octopus was and how it transforms itself.  The girls loved being able to touch the starfish & hermit crab. 

Coral made out of yarn, super cool

Once we left the Marine Lab, we headed for lunch. We went to this place called burger.  it was good.  They had so many different kinds of hamburgers & fries to choose from. 

After getting back from lunch, the girls put on some shorts and we headed down to the beach.  We was a lot colder down at the beach than any of the other days.  But the girls didn't care.  Lots of running and screaming with excitement. 
When it got to cold down at the beach, we made the trek back up the big hill and everyone relaxed/napped before we went out to dinner.  Every year we come we have to go to Star Bene, an Italian restaurant we've been going to for the last 6 years.  The girls love it because the name reminds them of the movie Sand Lot.  When we got back from dinner, we set our Monopoly game back up and continued playing (we've been playing for 2 days), Kaylee is obsessed.  Another good day, tomorrow we are headed to do tide pools & more playing at the beach.

a certain toddler didn't want to leave to go back to the beach house!

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