Monday, June 5, 2017

Beach Trip - Day 2 (Beach Fun)

Today was more of a low key day.  The girls actually slept in, which was nice.
We had breakfast and grandpa took the grandkids to the park.  The hour in a half of quietness was nice and sometimes much needed!  After going to the park, we got ready and headed to the beach.  It was less windy today which made it warmer.  The girls were back in that cold water, but today they found sand crabs.  So each of the girls made little homes for all the crabs they found, it was so cute.
No one had naps, which turned out to be ok.  After going out to dinner we went and got ice cream.
Early bed time was in order!
FUN DAY, back to the beach again tomorrow
Girls Suits: CRAZY 8 | Kaylee's  pineapple suit / Keira's neon orange suit / Kendall's teal heart suit

Whipping each other with sea weed!

Grandma and her girls, one more girl will be added to the bunch in August

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