Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beach Trip - Day 3 (Beach Fun)

It was another low key day, my husband had to work so we spent our time down at the beach.  The girls don't mind, even though it was colder, it was still the best day for them so far.  When we got to the beach, I noticed all this wood in a circle.  The girls and I went to investigate, it was a big hole.  So of course we had to set up our stuff right by it so the girls could play in it. 
There weren't as many crabs today as yesterday, but the girls managed to catch a few.  The big hole was more interesting that the crabs.  Running back and forth to the water was on there list of things to do too.  They started to argue in the hole, so grandma asked Kendall if she wanted to build sand castles for the army men.  So the fun of sand castle village started.  Once they got some sand castle's built, it was time to find some treasures to decorate them.  Keira then came out and wanted to build a village next to Kendalls.  So mommy helped Keira and then we decorated it.  It turned out so cute and the girls loved it.
After the beach we headed back to the beach house for lunch and a much needed nap for everyone, even mommy!  After naptime we got changed into warmer clothes and walked down to dinner.  Before Jason's brother left the next day, we headed back to the beach for our annual family picture, it was so cold down there but the girls did great.  Another great day!

Tank: here / earrings: here

Donut Suit: here

Tropical suit: here

Kaylee's suit: here

Next year there will be another little granddaughter joining the girl group

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