Sunday, June 4, 2017

Beach Trip - Day 1 (Beach Fun)

On Friday afternoon when my husband got home from work, we loaded the truck up with our suitcases, the kids & the dog and made the 2 hour drive to the beach house.  Where we would spend the next 8 days, building sandcastles, running from the waves, eating way too much ice cream (who am I kidding you can never eat too much ice cream) and having lots of family fun time.
On our first full day, the girls were up at 6am (why is it on vacay when your suppose to sleep in) I know cause there were excited, I guess I got teased because the whole week leading up to the beach house they slept in till 7:30.  Oh well were on vacay, we can always take naps.  The girls were excited that cousin Morgan & Aunt Alyssa were joining us for a couple days.  Everyone changed into there suits and we headed down to the beach.  The weather was so nice and all the girls were crazy for getting in that freezing cold water, they had a blast though.  After spending 2 hours or so on the beach we headed up for lunch and then everyone took a much needed nap!  We got spoiled for dinner, Uncle Patrick BBQ ribs, corn & garlic bread...oh so good!
Here's to hoping the girls sleep in a little longer tomorrow!
Since I take so many pictures I'll probably be blogging our trip each day!


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