Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt, made into reusable memories

A couple weeks ago we teamed up with Snapfish for some Earth Day fun, I took the girls on a fun adventure of a nature scavenger hunt.  My in laws have the perfect house for a nature hunt, they live on an acre with lots of nature spots, they have a pond in the backyard and chickens.

The weather was perfect, the birds were chirping, the turtles were playing peek a boo, butterflies were a flyin.  I had so much fun with the girls that day, I made them little books with animals on the front so that they could explore the yard and draw the animals they saw.  The binoculars I made them were from old paper towel rolls cut in half and glued together, I think the girls thought those were the best part.  Like looking through them made the experience that much more fun.

* disclaimer: I was given these products 100% free in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

After taking all these pictures what is a mom to do with them all, print them of course.  That's where Snapfish came in handy.  Since we have a beach vacation coming up the totes and travel coffee mug I was able to create using my pictures from our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt are going to be perfect.  Each of the girls have there own personal tote, that we designed together and I was able to design one for myself as well.  Snapfish's website was so easy to use, I pulled up the tote, uploaded a photo from my computer (you also upload from your mobile device on the app) that the girls chose.  We then were able to chose a theme, background or even put there name or saying on it.  I loved that I was able to sit down with each of the girls, let them pick which picture they wanted and then design there totes, they had fun and so did I.  I plan to use these durable totes at the beach and fill it with snakes, drinks, a towel & toys and have the girls caring them down to the beach.  It's perfect cause that means that I don't have to carry all there stuff plus mine!  Plus we all know that on vacation kiddos wake up early so my travel mug in the mornings filled with coffee will come in handy and then fill it with water while at the beach or maybe a cocktail, depending on how the kids are that day....haha

But before we head to the beach in 16 days we'll be using these totes to pack our swim suits, goggles & sun screen in and head to grandma and grandpa's to swim or whatever the girls feel like and have adventures outside. 

I love how durable these totes are, we all know how kids are, they drag there bags, leave them on the ground for the dogs to run across or lay on, or in our case our cat likes to hide inside them.  These totes stood up to all of those things from my kids and still look brand new.  They make the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one.  I know all you moms out there have hundreds of pictures from Mother's Day, those pictures could easily be put to use on one of these canvas totes or a 15oz travel tumbler

This is how the girls totes will be packed for the beach and mine as well.

so if your interested in making a tote or tumbler then your in luck, 
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So go ahead make a yourself, someone you love or get your kiddo there own Canvas Tote or Travel Tumblers (15oz)   Couple expires June 30, 2017... VISIT SNAPFISH and get started, did I mention how easy it was to make and fast shipping! The mug would make a perfect Father's Day gift!  They also make the perfect bag for grocery shopping as well, we've used ours a few times for that too.

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