Monday, May 8, 2017

Be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn

I try and teach the girls to always be themselves, not to change to fit in with other people.
I was talking with my mother in law the other night about how different things are now a days than when I was younger.  There is drama between girls in 2nd grade, really, I mean what is there to have drama about at 8 years old.  I just hope that as my girls grow up they don't get caught up in the drama or the mean girl behavior.  I think my husband and I are doing a pretty good job with it so far. 
I mean scrolling through and seeing the news about kids being bullied and committing suicide, just freaks me out as a parent.  I can only hope and pray that my kids are never apart of that.  I hope for them its always sunshine & rainbows.  I don't know if I'm totally ready as a mom to go through anything hard with my girls yet, I feel like there to young to have to deal with hard times yet.  There still kids, I want them to stay that way for as long as possible. 
On another note, lets talk about this freakin adorable dress from Taylor Joelle Designs I mean does it get any cuter than rainbows & unicorns, I think not!  I'm loving the soft mint with the bright colored rainbows & unicorns.  The bodice and tulle are so soft and its the perfect {twirl} dress.  I know there's few sizes left, but you know everything in her shop is amazing, make sure your following.

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