Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kaylee's Ice Cream Shop Birthday

When you become a parent its hard to believe how fast the time will go, no one tells you to make sure you cherish each new milestone or moment because they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.  Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you'll have but it's also the most rewarding.  When I pictured motherhood (before actually becoming a parent) I thought it was so easy, like rainbows and butterflies.  But you know what it's hard, really hard.  Most days you wonder if you doing it right, are you screwing your kids up in some way, sometimes I think as parents were too hard on ourselves.  We want things to be perfect, when in reality nothing is perfect, there is no perfect way to be parent.  As long as your child are loved that's what's important.
This weekend we celebrated our oldest daughter turning 8, yes eight!  Its hard to believe we've been at this parenting thing for eight years now.  What's even crazier to think about is that in 10 years she'll be 18! AHHHH.  The time is passing a little too quickly for me but I've had so much fun watching her grow and change over these past 8 years.  She has grown into such a sweet, sassy, loving, sensitive young lady.  She may look like her mama but she is 100% her father all the way.  It's so crazy to see the little things she does that are exactly like her dad and it's funny to hear my mother in law talk about thing she does that her dad did when he was little too.
This year, Kaylee decided she wanted to have an Ice Cream Party.
I was excited about this theme, I mean who doesn't love ice cream?  We decided to have an ice cream bar, where you build your own ice cream sundae, which was a big hit.  I also made chocolate drizzled popcorn with sprinkles, dipped rice crispy treats with sprinkles & dipped pretzels...big hit!
Kaylee had a lot of fun with her friends, I think the favorite part for everyone was the zip line, yep the girl had a zip line at her party.  Her awesome grandpa installed a zip line, that goes right over the pool so you can zip line right in!  (the girls know they are only allowed to use the zip line when an adult is outside).  The weather was perfect and it was all in all a great birthday. 
Dress: Crazy 8 / 8 balloon: target dollar spot

Ice Cream Cone: Little Linksters Co / Tissue paper banner: Target dollar spot

Ice Cream Cone Banner & Circle Sprinkle Banner: Target dollar Spot

Custom Ice Cream Bathing Suit: Twisted Candi

Happy 8th Birthday Kaylee Elizabeth


  1. Kaylee's Ice Cream Shop Birthday was way too cute to see. All the decorations are so color. I loved each and everything in this cute birthday bash. My daughter will turn 7 soon and we were just thinking to throw such beautiful bash for her at the indoor LA venue. Might use your theme inspirations for her party.