Friday, March 7, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: February 21- March 6

February 21 - Western Day at school

 February 22 - pretty in purple and look her striking poses already!

 February 23 - Grandma was visiting for the weekend from CA and we went to the zoo (how cute are the kangaroo's)

 February 24 - #dailydoseofkendall, I cant get enough of this kid

 February 25 - #dailydoseofkendall | it was a rainy day in TX 

February 26 - morning snuggles on this super rainy day.  Kaylee stayed home from school cause she wasn't feeling good.  Daddy also got home and will be home for 2 weeks!  YAY

 February 27 - I love that the deer come so close to our house and I'm able to get some cool pictures of them.  Look at those little baby white tail, so cute!

 March 1 - The courthouse in Bandera, TX

 March 2 - Kona was feeling a little left out and wanted to have a little photoshoot fun

 March 3 - More white tail in the yard

March 4 - Miss Sassy Pants!

 March 5 - I was outside trying to get a picture of the road runner and instead had a quick photo session with these two silly girls!

March 6 - The Axis let me get really close to get this picture, I still cant get over how cool it is that we see these guys on a daily basis (along with white tails & antelope)

Nurse Loves Farmer


  1. Love March 5th!! Funny how your two look like they could be twins, and my two who are about the same ages look like they are years apart in age b/c Brielle is so short! lol. Also love the kangaroos!

  2. I gotta say I love your "daily dose of Kendall" posts so much and your deer pictures are just fascinating!

  3. What a beautiful view you have in your yard! Living in the city, we never see any wildlife - I miss living out of the city! I love your girls' poses, too - great photos!

  4. WOW!! Awesome shots. Love all the animal photos. Your girls are precious and their outfits are so cute.

  5. How does your dog feel about all the wildlife around? Mine would be crazy, barking his head off all the time.

    You have a very beautiful view!

  6. I love that the deer are so close, reminds me of my Mom's house. Miss Sassy Pants=love! Kona is beautiful!

  7. Amazing shots. Your girls are precious!

  8. Your dog is SO beautiful and photogenic! And that pic of your girls posing, LOVE! The last one of the deer is amazing! So many great shots!