Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kaylee update: 2 months till she's 5

I cant believe it's been almost a year since I've done an update on Miss Kaylee.
In about 2 months, this girl will be turning FIVE.
It's so crazy to think how fast she's grown up.

Weight: 35lbs
Height: 3' 6"
Clothes: XS 4/5 (big girl section)
Shoes: size 11

PERSONALITY:  Kaylee is a perfectionist, everything she is doing has to be perfect (grandma informed me that her daddy was the exact same way)  When something isn't perfect she gets really mad.  When she cant do something to water works usually come out cause she gets so mad about it, instead of asking for help.  She can be such a character at times and makes up laugh daily.  She is people pleaser and likes to make people happy.  At almost 5 she still likes to test her limits and has problems listening.

PRESCHOOL:  She has adjusted really well to her new school.  It was a big adjust for her, school was a lot longer than she was use to going back in CA.  In CA she went to school from 9-12, here in TX she goes from 8-3 (at least they take a nap).  She is learning a lot and making lots of new friends.  She brings home school work and art projects everyday.  She really enjoys going to school and cant wait to ride on the bus.  It's crazy to think that in 3 months she'll be done with preschool and we will be registering her as a Kindergartner.  She's growing up so fast.

* playing outside
* teasing her sister (Keira)
* playing dress up and pretending to be either Rapunzel or Elsa
* playing frisbee with daddy
* writing her name, numbers 1-20 & writing all her ABCs
*coloring and drawing
* playing house and pretending to be the mom or grandma
* playing with Mica & Tatum our new friends in TX
* all things girly (painted toes, lip gloss & pretty dresses)
* playing with your Monster High dolls
* that your grandma is your best friend!

* trying new foods
* when she gets sent to her room for doing something wrong
* coming in last at anything
* when something she's doing isn't perfect

ACTIVITIES:  When we moved to TX I knew the one activity Kaylee would want to do more than anything would be tball.  I was going to sign both girls up for dance but once we got here, the classes were full and I just never followed through with it.  So when grandma was visiting last, Kaylee was showing her all her school stuff she has done and a paper for tball, baseball & softball fell out.  I was totally bummed when I saw the dates for sign ups had already passed.  Well I sent an email to them anyways telling them that we had just moved her and wanted to get Kaylee into tball.  The lady got back to me a couple days later saying I needed to get some forms filled out and she would be placed on a team.  When Kaylee got home from school I told her she was signed up for tball and she was totally excited.  She was jumping up and down and asking if everyone would come watch her practice and come to her games.  That weekend we went out and got her a glove (which is the cutest thing) and some cleats.  She cant wait.


  1. I can't believe our girls are almost 5!! Fun about tball---I just signed Raya up for her spring soccer. Real tball doesn't start here until kindergarten, and I don't like it enough myself to do the preschool version (although daddy would much rather she did tball than soccer! haha)