Thursday, March 6, 2014

House Tour: the girls/guest bathroom

Our house has 2 bathrooms which meant that the "girls" bathroom would also be our guest bathroom when people were over or stayed with us.  I wanted the girls bathroom to be fun, bright & colorful.  I wanted it to be something they could grow with, not something that was to babyish.

Jason's mom was nice enough to go and get all the stuff for the girls bathroom.  I just told her I wanted it to be bright & colorful.  She picked this polka dot curtain and went from there.  Each girl got a bright colored towel (with hand towels & wash cloths to match).  I do still need to find some pictures to put on the walls but other than that there bathroom is done.  On the counter after I took these pictures I added a mason jar with some yellow flowers in it.  I'm sure I'll do an updated picture once I hang some pictures.  I might try to get a fun picture of the girls together in the tub and hang that on the wall with some other fun art.