Monday, June 23, 2014

Capitola Beach Vacation {Part II}

We had wind in our hair and sand on our feet (and also in our hair)
This beach trip was amazing.  It was just what we needed, we had so much fun as a family and made some pretty great memories.  This beach trip something that we as a family look forward to every year for the past 3 years.

Watching the girls explore and play on the beach was so much fun.  Watching Kendall walk like Frankenstein when she walked on the sand for the first time was priceless, I loved watching Kaylee get so excited with each wave, watching Keira collect feathers and build a fort around me was so fun.

Until next year....

JUNE 10TH - Aquarium Day
Everytime we stay at the beach we always go to the aquarium.  We always have such a great time and the girls seem to like it more and more each time we go.  This year our favorite was the jellyfish!

We had a relaxing day.  Jason's mom wanted to get a family picture and a picture of them with the 4 granddaughters on the beach.  After getting pictures we went out to lunch on the water at Fog Bar.

 Keira had the sour face cause the sun was in her face!

JUNE 12TH - Uncle Patrick's 21st Birthday
We had a pretty low key day.  We walked around the street downtown and just hung out.  It was too cold to go down and play on the beach.  After nap time we all got ready and headed out to dinner for Jason's little brother's 21st birthday.  After we came home, Jason and his brother Antheney took Patrick out to go bar hoping.


Saturday was our last day at the beach.  Kendall went down for a nap and Jason and I went downtown for some much needed us time.  Something that we don't get very often!  So we went and shared a clam chowder bread bowl and got some drinks.  It was so nice to just spend that one and one time with him.  When we got back we got the sand toys ready and as soon as Kendall woke up we headed to the beach.  The weather on this trip was amazing.

 Kendall's baby feet

We left the beach on Saturday afternoon and headed back to Jason's moms house.  On Sunday morning we loaded up and headed up to the mountains to hang out with Jason's dad for Father's Day and ride some razors around.  It was a lot of fun and the girls had a blast.  After being in the mountains half the day we headed to Jason's aunts house to visit with a bunch of family and have a fun BBQ.  It was so nice to be able to see everyone.

Monday was jam backed with stuff to do.  First up on Monday morning was dropping off the older girls with a friend and Jason, the baby and I heading to Target & Macy's to go register for our wedding.  OMG that was so much fun.  After registering we picked up the girls ran a few more errands and then went to go get my stud of hubby and his groomsmen fitted for there tuxs.   I am getting so extremely excited for the wedding.  The girls flower girl dresses came along with there shoes, necklace and headbands.  The most exciting part was that I HAVE MY DRESS!! After the guys got fitted we headed to dinner with all of them and some family.

Tuesday morning we said good bye to grandma and grandpa and made the journey back home to Texas.  The ride home was ok, this was the longest trip the girls have ever been on.  But we made it home and we even got to spend a few extra days with daddy before he had to leave to go back to work!

All in all great vacation!

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  1. I love all the pictures! It looks like you had an amazing time!!!