Monday, June 2, 2014

To be young and FIVE

When I was FIVE I remember having a fun childhood.
Having fun with my parents but even more fun on all the day trips with my grandpa.
I hope when Kaylee gets older she can look back on her childhood and say it was FUN.
I hope she knows how loved she is and how much joy she has brought to mine and her dad's life.
There are a few things about my girl that I never want to forget...
those adorable freckles on her nose
her love for the color purple
her very girly side
her love for learning and wanting to please people
her love for her daddy (she's a daddy's girl)
I mean the list could go on and on but those are just a few
Kaylee has 2 weeks left of Preschool before the big jump to kindergarten.  She has learned so much since starting school in Texas.  She can write her first and last name, she knows my phone number, she can spell her first and last name, she can cut with scissors, she can color inside the lines, she can rhyme words together and she can count to 50. 
She had a great first season of t-ball this year.  The season started out a little rough, she did ok at practice and when it came to game time she would cry and not play.  It made me really frustrated cause I wasn't sure why she was acting like that, since she has so much fun playing at home.  As the season went on she become more comfortable and learned to love the game so much.  She is already excited for next season and she likes that Keira will get to play with her.
* What is your favorite color.... PURPLE
* What is your favorite cartoon.... BUBBLE GUPPIES
* What is your favorite movie.... FROZEN
* What is your favorite book.... PINKALICIOUS
* Who is your best friend.... CAROLYN
* What is your favorite toy.... ELSA & OLAF DOLLS
* What do you like to do for fun.... PLAY OUTSIDE & COLOR
* What is your favorite activity.... BASEBALL

Kaylee is funny, smart, sassy, sweet, a big dramatic, independent, sensitive, loving and silly.  She is a complete girly girl and loves to wear dresses or anything fancy looking.  If I knew she wouldn't lose headbands I would send her to school in the pretty ones.  She loves a cute pair of strappy sandals and she has to change her clothes at least 2 times a day, which annoys the crap out of me!  But I love that she loves to snuggle with me in the mornings before school.



  1. She is so cute! My middle daughter turns 5 this week. Her favorite color is purple too!

  2. I"m jealous of how much volume her hair has! lol Cutie.

  3. She is so gorgeous! Happy FIVE, pretty girl!

  4. I just can't believe she is FIVE!! Gorgeous girl!

  5. Such a cutie! I love her interview.