Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Featuring: Anna & Elsa dolls by Sew_Darling

Since the movie Frozen has come out it has been all the craze.  And it has been a favorite in my house with my girls, even the baby likes it.  It was the first movie she would actually sit down and watch. I have been following Ashley's blog for a long time and she just recently started making plush dolls.  I fell in love right away.

Ashley posted a lot of her pictures of her dolls on her instagram and they were just the cutest.  So when she posted a picture of the Anna and Elsa doll and was looking for bloggers to review them, I jumped on the chance.  I knew my girls would flip out for these dolls.  Ashley was nice enough to send me the dolls.

If you've seen the movie then you know exactly who the dolls are.  The attention to detail on these dolls are amazing, down to the strip of white hair on Anna, to the detail on both Anna and Elsa's dresses.  The quality is awesome I was amazed at the stitching on these dolls, every stitch is straight and there are no flaws anywhere.  These dolls are so nice I almost don't want my girls to play with them and mess them up.

Ashley is in the processes of making a Kristoff doll and he will be available when she opens her etsy shop soon.  We will definitely be getting Kristoff to add to our collection.  She can do custom orders and dolls to match your kids hair and eye color, she makes mermaid dolls and they are some of the cutest dolls I've seen around.  Go check out her instagram feed to see the dolls she has made.  I would totally recommend this shop to anyone looking to get adorable plush dolls for there little girl or as a gift for someone.  Perfect for a baby shower gift or birthday.  Ashley is the sweetest and has great customer service.


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