Monday, June 30, 2014

Featuring: Moccs By Robin

Instagram has led me to find some amazing shops with some amazing products for my girls.
I came across Moccs by Robin on instagram and it was right before Kendall started walking.  I was on the search for shoes that would be easy for my peanut to walk in and that was stylish at the sam time.  I got both with these adorable shoes.

Lindsey was nice enough to send these adorable black and white polka dot moccs to Kendall.  When they arrived and I showed them to Kendall she got so excited and she yelled "moccs".  Yes my baby knows what moccs are and she loves them.

I love how there are so many AWESOME fabric options to choose from, go check out her etsy shop HERE.  The quality of these moccs are great, they are very well made and have held up awesome with very active always on the go toddler.  These moccs are more geared towards non walkers cause they don't have a sole on the bottom, the bottom is layered with 2 layers of flannel.  Kendall does wear these outside and they have held up great so far.  We love the polka dots, they go really well with everything.  Lindsey is incredibly sweet and her shipping was fast.  Her prices are great.

I've found that with Kendall's thin little feet that it was hard to find slip on shoes that fit and would stay on but these fit great and are really easy to get on and off.  So all in all these are great and have held up really well to crazy 20 month old toddler. 

Go follow Moccs by Robin on instagram HERE
Go heart Moccs by Robin's etsy shop HERE

You will fall in love with these moccs as much as we have.  So go and buy your little ones a pair or they make the perfect gift for someone!


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