Friday, June 27, 2014

Kendall is 20 months old

Kendall Morgan,

Yet another month has passed and you are that much closer to being TWO years old.  This month just like every other month has gone by in the blink of an eye.  I still don't want to think about you being so close to turning 2 cause you know what that means...your not my little baby anymore and your turning into such a big girl.  Mommy is not ready for you to be such a big girl yet, if I had it my way you would be my little baby forever.  But we both know that that cant happen, so I'll enjoy your littleness while I can. You are growing and changing so much everyday.  You are saying so many new words, your exploring and discovery new adventures around every turn.

SLEEPING: Since we returned home from our CA trip you have been sleeping in till 8-8:30 and since your sleeping in so late you have cut out your morning nap that you usually take at 9-9:30.  You are a great sleeper and have no problems putting yourself to sleep at nap and bed time.  You only get your pacifier at nap and bedtime unless you find one that mommy didn't know about.  We will try to have you off the pacifier by the time your 2...hopefully!

EATING: You are an awesome eater and when anyone is eating, no matter what you are doing you will track them down and say "me, eat"  You love your food.  Some of your favorites are...bananas, watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, chicken nuggets, asparagus, eggs and cookies (only when you got potty on the big girl potty)

POTTY TRAINING:  At 20 months your older sister was almost all the way potty trained.  You are almost ready to start potty training but we are going to hold off until after your two.  We just have to many trips coming up in the coming months to even attempt to potty train.  We will continue to put you on the potty when you say you want to go.  You've went potty in the big girl potty 4 times and you get so excited each time, you like when we pour in the big potty and you can say "bye bye" to it.

PERSONALITY: You have the biggest personality and you have the power to make everyone around you smile and be happy right along with you.  You can hold your own most of the time with your sisters and you will be the first to let them know when you don't like them doing something that you don't like.  You have always been and still continue to be the happiest kid.  Your so much fun to be around and I think you may take after your older sister Keira and be a social butterfly too.  You love to tell people hi all the time.

Height: 32"
Weight: 21 lbs 4oz
Clothes: 18 months
Shoes: size 4
Diaper: size 3
Teeth: 14
Hair: its lightening up, light brown
Eyes: dark blue

* You love to sing, I cant really make out what your singing but sometimes I hear a few words I recognize.  Lately for some reason you've been singing Happy Birthday or Let it go.
* You like to dance, I'll turn on some music and you will shake your little booty.
* You like to be outside, you could spend all day outside exploring your surroundings.  Your favorite thing to do outside is collect rocks and make a big mound out of them.
* You like to swim in the new baby pool we got, you love to splash
* You like playing and trying to do every thing that your sisters do

* Being told NO
* Not being able to do something cause she's not quite big enough to do it
* Taking pictures when she's not in the mood
* Pickles

* Being able to say a few sentences "run little squirrel", "I don't know", "sorry mommy", "I miss you"
* Being able to point out and say most of your body parts
* Being able to point our and say most animals and the noises they make
* Can count to 3
* Tries to jump
* You can say a lot of, mommy, mama, daddy, dada, go, kaylee, keira, sissy, baby, doggy, mimi, grandma, grandpa, bike, ball, kitty, axis, annie, white tail, bird, spaz, night night, eat, thank you, please, no, blanket, binky, lovey, uh oh, sparkle, bow & drink and I'm sure I'm missing a ton of others
* Can throw a ball
* Can follow simple commands..."get mommy a diaper", "throw this away", go put your toys away, "bring that to mommy/daddy"

* You went on a week long beach trip and loved playing in the sand
* You didn't really like the ocean
* You went on your second airplane ride and did awesome
* You made your first long distance road trip from CA to TX and did ok!
* You love to get dressed up and go outside to take pictures, it's becoming part of our everyday routine
* You like to help pick out your bows and moccs/sandals
* You've told me a few times that you had to go potty and you actually did
* In all your 20 months, Frozen is the only movie you will sit down and actually watch
* You are really ticklish all over
* You don't like to be thrown in the air













  1. Happy 20 months! She is so precious!

  2. She is just the cutest!! Happy 20 months!

  3. Where do you buy her headbands from?? She is always dressed so cute!!!

  4. I love that she likes asparagus. Your girls potty train so early. That's awesome!