Thursday, April 14, 2016

Donuts Make Me Happy!

I'm pretty sure we aren't the only family that has a love an a obsession with donuts!  Who doesn't love donuts? 

In the last couple months we've made it a Sunday tradition to get up semi early (at least by 8am) to load up into the car and head to the donut store as a family and pick out some yummy donuts.  We support a local donut shop in our town that's been there forever and they make the best donuts ever!  The girls love being able to go inside and watch the guy in the back making the donuts.  Aside from watching them back the donuts the best part is changing it up each week with new donuts choices.  They pick from sprinkles, to M&Ms, to cereal or chocolate chocolate chip, the possibilities are endless!  The girls look forward to this each week and honestly I do too!  It's something fun for the whole family.  What are your favorite donut flavors or ones that you think they should make?


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