Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sisterly Love

If the girls would let me I would follow them around and take pictures of them all day.  I mean they are probably relieved that they go to school and get away from me and the camera for a couple hours.  I'm kidding I don't chase them like a crazy person taking pictures of them (or do I?)  But when I am able to get them to take pictures for me they always turn out so good!
When your almost 7 & 5 taking pictures for your mom becomes a hassle, they would rather be doing anything else but taking pictures.  Coloring, watching cartoons, riding bikes, playing dress up and everything in between beats putting a smile on your face.  But when they do allow me take pictures of them I always love it.  It also gives me an excuse to update pictures on my wall. 

Being the oldest I always wished that I would have a little sister, well that never happened.  I ended up with 3 younger brothers.  Don't get me wrong I love all of them but there's nothing quite like having a sister in your life.  That's why I'm so glad that I have all girls, they have each other an always built in best friend.  Someone to share clothes with, someone to tell there secrets to, someone to fight with over dumb stuff, someone that will always be there for them.  Each of the girls have a special bond with the other.  I hope the bond they do share never fades. 

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