Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Summer Lovin'

We are big lovers of summer around here.  We love the warm weather and being able to spend all day outdoors.  Being able to run through the sprinklers, go for family hikes, go out on the boat, camping and spend lots of time at the beach.
Summer time for us means school is out, the girls are moving up to the next grade in school (insert mommy ugly crying), and our favorite part of the summer is spending a week at the beach house in Capitola.  Who doesn't love sleeping with the windows open listening to the ocean, walking down the big hill to be on the beach, laying out and relaxing in the sun, building sand castles and learning how to boogie board.  We start the beach count down as soon as that week long stay ends.  I love being able to spend a week together as a family making so many memories.  We like to wake up early, walk down to get breakfast, walk around to all the cute little shops, visit the aquarium, try and look at the tad pools.  So as June approaches this year we are already counting down the days until we get to spend a week away from reality, have fun and not worry about work.
Summer also means spending lots of time in grandma and grandpa's pool!  All 3 girls will be taking swimming lessons this summer.  This will be Kaylee's 4th year and she has done so well.  This will be Keira's 2nd year and she needs this the most, she has fear that I want her to get over.  Having someone else show her has helped a lot, she seems to be even more afraid when we try to show her certain things.  I think having someone else show her has helped her, so hopefully this year will her help her even more.  And this will be Kendall's 1st year, it should be fun!
What are some of your summer plans for this year?

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