Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Girly Fashion with Skechers

With having 3 girls each of them has a different style.  They couldn't be any different from each other.  Kaylee is a combo of girly and tomboy, but not too much of one or the other.  Keira is what we call our tomboy hippie and Kendall is the "girly" one.  The one who loves to wear dresses, get her hair curled and have blush put on.  I love that each of them have different styles, it makes dressing them that much more fun!
We have #partnered with Skechers and each of the girls (including mommy) got to pick out shoes.  I knew Kendall would pick something with bows or something girly on the shoes. So I wasn't surprised when she picked the grey with hearts and little pink bow twinkle toes (Twinkle Toes: Doodle Days)  They are seriously the cutest, the Velcro on them makes it easy for her to put them on herself, they also have a zipper down the side to make it that much easier as well.  At 4 she's become more independent and has to do things herself, so her being able to put her shoes on easily is a must (she is pretty stubborn).  She's also gotten to that age where fashion matters and she has some what of a say in what she wears.  I love that the grey shoes will match a lot of stuff in her wardrobe so we'll be able to wear them a lot.  High tops & dresses are a favorite of mine, this outfit was so fun and girly to put together.
Dress:Crazy 8  / Shoes: Skechers / Vest: Love Sick Threads / Earrings: Hello Blue Babe

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