Monday, January 23, 2017

Miss Personality

Miss Personality describes Kendall to a tee!
She is full of sass, I mean a lot of sass, stubbornness that's cute (most of the time), so silly I mean she can make me laugh multiple times a day and so incredibly loving.  I wish there was a freeze button, so I could enjoy her little silliness and sassy self.  Freeze time so she'd always want snuggle with me and think I'm cool, cause we all now in a couple years I wont be as cool as she thinks I am now!  I ask her everyday how she gets so cute and she tells me, from heart melted. 
Taking pictures is a way for me to freeze those special memories and all those little moments I never want to forget.  My older girls could care less about taking pictures but I still make them take some for me so that I have those memories and cause you can never have to many pictures of your kids plastered all over your walls.  But Kendall she loves to be in front of the camera which I love cause I love taking pictures, we turn on some music and she rocks out while I snap away, which always turn out to be some of the best pictures of her. 
* * * *
It has been raining like cats and dogs here in CA for the past 2 weeks, its crazy!  The flooding and really high winds has left us with a little bit of cabin fever!  So when we had a small break in the rain her headed outside for a little dance party and to get some fresh air.  Even just heading outside in your own front yard can be like a little vacay when you've been cooped up.
 With all this rain and crazy winds I am totally excited to be heading to Hawaii with my love in 19 days.  Oh it's going to be so amazing, so relaxing and so much fun.  If you've been to Kona, HI let me know of some good places to eat or visit.  I will miss the girls terribly, they will be staying with Jason's parents for that time.  They are going to have a blast with them but I'll miss them like crazy, this trip will be the second time we've been away from them for this long.  Anyone else excited to go on vacations with there husband but know as soon as they leave they will miss those kiddos like crazy, yeah me too, I'm already feeling that way.

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