Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Little Mama

Since I can remember Kendall has had a love for baby dolls.  Timehop likes to remind me each year that on her birthday when we go to the store to pick something out for her birthday, she always picks a new baby.  This girl has been obsessed with babies since her first birthday.  And that obsession hasn't went away,  its now gotten to us to her new baby, who she calls Ella (the one sitting in the high chair).  For Christmas she got a gift card to Target, she spent her money on new baby clothes (real baby clothes on clearance) and swaddle blankets.  Each morning her and her baby get up and eat breakfast together, they then get dressed for the day and either play or watch cartoons.  This baby has become part of her everyday life.  It is the cutest thing to watch her with the doll. 

She's the best little mama around, she treats her baby like a real baby.  She's so tender and delicate with them.  She rocks it like a real baby and it gets swaddled each night and tucked into bed with her.  I hope she never loses that motherly side of her and the wonder and imagination while playing with her babies.  I don't think her obsession with babies will end anytime soon, she's already asking for a brother for Ella, a new crib, stroller and more clothes.

Also if you know where I can find a good wood doll bed & wood stroller (that aren't super expensive) please let me know!  Thanks

 Kitchen: COSTCO / can food: HOME GOODS

Baby doll: WALMART / Beanie: CRAZY 8

Felt Breakfast: TARGET DOLLAR SPOT / High Chair: AMAZON