Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A ray of sunshine

I am sitting her in the quietness of the house while the girls nap with the front door and windows open, enjoying this beautiful 77 degree weather.  I cant believe how awesome the weather has been this week.  The rest of the week into the weekend is suppose to be just as nice.
On Wednesday {feb 13th}  morning after dropping Kaylee off at school, we got back home, I put Keira in her big girl undies and we {Keira, Kendall & I} headed outside to soak up the sunshine.  It was so nice outside alredy that Keira was just in her undies and the baby was wearing just a onesie.  Gotta love the beautiful weather, spring is in the air.  While we hung out outside, Keira played with chalk and ran around.  The baby swung in the swing and loved it.  While outside I brought out Keira's potty chair, just in case she needed to go.  We played outside for about 2 hours, my girl didn't have an accident at all.  She sat on her potty twice and tried to go, I think she gets a little scared to just let the pee pee come out {I tell her to say "get out pee pee & get in my potty" and most of the time she says "I cant do it"}.   A little off topic, but this weekend we are going to start potty training 100%, I think she's ready!!
The girls had a good time playing outside, we came back in got our diaper on and went to go pick up Kaylee.  After coming home the girls all ate lunch and then went down for a good nap.  After the girls woke up from their nap, Keira put her undies back on and we all headed back outside to soak up more sunshine.  The girls love being outside and being out there they are able to get rid of the all the energy these girls have.
 {just a warning there are a lot of pictures!}

One of the girls favorite things to do outside, other than playing on the swings & slide is picking all the lemons off the lemon tree.  Our lemon tree has A LOT of lemons on it.  So many that we'll never use half of them before they go bad.  So every time we go outside Kaylee likes to pick them and then the girls put them in a pile and then when grandma comes to get them they give them to her.  Its so cute and grandma likes it.  At least they are getting used!



  1. I love all of these pictures! You have a beautiful back yard. I'm so jealous of the nice weather you are having. Its 30 degrees here today. :-(

  2. Your girls are so beautiful!! It makes me so excited for my little one :) Love that you pick the lemons together too, it's little things like this they'll look back and remember!

  3. Awww I feel like these photos are the essence of childhood or what childhood should look like. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Super cute pictures! I am so jealous of your weather!