Monday, March 4, 2013

Kendall: 4 months old

Kendall Morgan,

You turned 4 months old Feb. 27th.  These 4 months have just flown by.  Its hard to believe that you've been with us for that long already.  I am so happy that I've been the one to be able to witness all of your firsts.

You have the sweetest personality, you are the happiest baby.   Waking up to your adorable smile each morning just makes my day.  You totally adore both your sisters and it's so amazing to see how much they adore you as well.  I hope that never goes away and that you guys always share a special place in each others hearts.   Thank you for being such a calm, sweet and super easy baby.

I love you to the moon and back!
Love, Mommy

Weight: 13lbs 12oz (40%)
Height: 24.25" (40%)
Clothes: 3-6 & 6 months
Diaper: size 2
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
SLEEPING:  Since we started you on a schedule at 7 weeks old you have been awesome in the sleeping department.  I think being on a schedule has really helped you.  You are like clock work with waking up, napping and bed time.  This month we transitioned you into your crib and you do so with ease.  We had no hick ups with the process and I couldn't be happier.  We started out with just nap times first and when you did so well I knew that bed time would go just as well.  You wake up each morning at 7:30am and go to bed each night at 9:00pm.  I use to swaddled you at nap and bedtime, but I've decided to start weaning you off.  You've actually done really well with not being swaddled during nap time.  I plan to not swaddle you at bed time, baby steps though.  I'm afraid that I'll be messing with a good thing and that you'll wake up multiple times at night {I guess I wont know unless I try right}
Kendall's Schedule
7:30am - wake up
7:40am - diaper change / 5 oz bottle / play
9:00am - nap
11:15am - wake up / diaper change / 5oz bottle / play
12:30pm - nap
3:30pm - wake up / diaper change / 5oz bottle / play
5:30pm - cat nap (30-45 minutes)
6:00pm - wake up / diaper change / 5oz bottle / play
7:00pm - cat nap (30-45 minutes)
7:30pm - wake up / diaper change / play
9:00pm - diaper change / 5oz bottle / bed
EATING:  Our breastfeeding journey has come to an end for good.  Before it ended you were breastfeeding in the morning when you woke up and your final feeding time of the night before bed.  But for the last week in a half you have refused to breastfeed.  I am sad that it's really over but I'm happy that we made it as far as we did.  You get extremely excited when you hear me shaking your bottle to mix up the water and formula, its so cute.  You are a really good eater.  You eat 5 5oz bottles a day.  On Febryary 27th we tried rice cereal for the first time and you HATED it!  So I thought we might try banana baby food, guess what you LOVED it!  So we will try a little bit at a time.
* You slept in your crib for the 1st time {1.31.13} and you did perfect.  I've gotten lucky that you will pretty much sleep anywhere and can sleep through pretty much anything.  It amazes me that you can sleep through your sisters yelling and screaming or any outside loud noises that are going on.
* We had to move your straps up on your car seat.  There are 3 levels and we moved them from the very bottom one to the middle level.  That just means your growing up to fast.  I will say that you are really starting to get heavy, when daddy's around I make him carry you cause its hurts mommy's back.
* You celebrated your 1st Valentine's Day {2.14.13}, we didn't do anything special and mommy did a fun little photoshoot with you and your sisters.  I love the way they all turned out!

* I've noticed that when you get sweaty or your hair gets wet during bath time that it curls, just like how Keira's use to.  So I'm curious to see if you'll have curly hair like her or not.

* Bath time is your favorite, you've started to kick and slap at the water & you get so excited.

* You rolled over for the first time {belly to back - 2.7.13}  You always rolled from back to belly while taking a nap one day, but it was just luck cause you haven't been able to do it again.  You do get really close though.

* You've started sticking your tounge out and spitting and blowing lots of bubbles!!

* You have started turning your head toward noises around you.

* You have started holding on to your toys.

* When you get tired your rub your eyes

* You are a wiggle worm.  I'll lay you down on the floor or in your crib and you'll be in a totally different position.  I love to watch you and watch your brain working, trying to figure out how to roll or to try and get that toy.  You love to play in your exersaucer, your finally able to hit at the toys and you get so excited about it.

* You are extremely tickleish all over.  So of course mommy wants to hear that sweet giggle so you get lots of tickles.

* You try to mimic some of the faces that mommy or daddy make at you.

* You love it when I lay you on your belly and set a book in front of you, your eyes light up.

* You love to kick your feet and those little hands of yours are always in your mouth, ALWAYS!!  Those little hands always in a fist with lots of slobber on them can be found in your mouth.

* You've learned out to take your pacifier out of your mouth
* When I call your name you look in my direction and get a big smile on your face
* You love to watch Kaylee and Keira.  You will follow them and turn your head to see what they are doing.  And trust me they are obsessed with you still.  They cant get enough of you.  Some of your facial expressions while your watching them makes me wonder what your thinking about.
* You got to experience the swing for the 1st time {2.24.13}.  While playing in the back yard I thought you were big enough to go into the swing.  You loved it, the wind blowing in your face puts the biggest smile on your face.
Baby girl, I am obsessed with you.  I often times find myself watching you sleep, wanting to pick you up to snuggle your sweet little body.  When I rock you to sleep each night in my arms, I never want to put you down, I want breathe in your smells and remember all your features because I know they are going to change all to quickly. 

Now for the fun comparisons....
Months ONE - FOUR
Comparison of the girls @ 4 months old
I still don't think Kendall looks like either one of her sisters
What do you think?!


  1. Happy 4 months! Love that kitty hat :-) I think she's a total combo---I think her cheeks and mouth are Kaylee, but her head shape and maybe eyes look more Keira.

  2. She is just way too cute!!! I love her big eyes =) And I agreee with Shawna, she is a total combo of your two girls =)

  3. So cute! I think she looks like a combo of the other 2 girls.

  4. Thank you for posting her schedule. My baby is seven weeks and we are starting to put her on one. How did you come up with yours?

  5. Happy 4 months Kendall! i can't believe how quickly our girls are growing - makes me a little sad! She's so much like Hadley. I wish we lived closer so they could play. :-)

  6. can't believe she is 4 months already! she is so cute

  7. Time really does go by so fast, especially with kids. Your daughters are beautiful! Cute blog :)

  8. Happy 4 months sweet little girly!! Sorry I've been MIA on comments lately but I'm still reading and loving seeing your beauties:)

  9. She is soooo stinkin' adorable! I can't believe she is trying food already- I am SOOO not ready for that! I definitely think she is a combo of the two girls and doesn't particularly favor one over the other. Her own, cute little self!