Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Little Girl Fashion

I'm linking up with Megan for my first edition of Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Little girls fashion is the cutest!
I could seriously buy my girls more clothes than they would be able to wear before growing out of.
As of now my girls have more clothes than I do & lets face it, they dress better too.
I can't help it, if I have extra money instead of spending it on myself, I buy them cute clothes or accessories.  There are just so many cute clothes out there that I cant help it.
So when Shawna suggested I go to polyvore and make up some dream outfits for my girls.  I said what the heck I'll give it a try.  Man, is that site addicting and makes me want to go out shopping ASAP! 
Kaylee - I am really happy that I'm still able to pick her clothes without her putting up a fuss.  This outfit is the cutest thing ever and so spring.  I am loving the floral pants with the flowy white top and little flats.  I may just have to really buy this whole outfit!


* * * *

Keira - She is the same way I can still pick out her clothes without her complaining.  She's more laid back.  She would rather be in pants than a skirt.  So this outfit is so fitting for her.  I love skinny jeans on little kids and those glasses are just way to cute and they complete the outfit.  I might just have to get this outfit I said little girls fashion is just way to cute!

* * * *

Kendall - to me this outfit screams spring as well.  this whole outfit is adorable, I mean these little cute! These bubble shorts, cutest thing ever. 


* * * *
Dress: made by MiMi, Boots: WalMart
Hat: The Children's Place, Shirt: The Children's Place, Skirt: Gymboree
Headband: etsy - ThreeLittleWonders, Shirt & Pants: Carter's


  1. Your little girls are darling! Love the looks for each of them! I would be beyond broke if I had three cuties like you!

  2. LOVE your picks! I wish Raya was easier to fit for jeans because those pants you picked for Kaylee are too cute! The red accents for Keira are also adorable, and baby Kendall would look sweet in anything :-)

  3. They're so cute! Love the outfits you picked, too!

  4. Cute! I am having so much fun shopping for our little girl to be. I love all 3 of the polyvore looks you put together. So sweet.

  5. what beautiful girls you have! i love those floral pants!!

  6. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop :) You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more.

    You can find me at


  7. I love alll of those outfits!! And look at your girls...such little diva looks on them ;) Too cute!