Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kendall: 5 months old

5 months, really?!  Where has the time gone?  I love seeing each new stage and watching you change, but honestly I wish I could bottle it up and have it forever!  I want to be able to cherish each little moment with you.  You are the sweetest little girl and I am beyond blessed to be your mama!  Watching your eyes light up when I enter the room, melts my heart!  When you put your little hands on my face and then open your mouth for a kiss, just has me giddy inside.

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!
Love, Mommy

SLEEPING:  you are still sleeping absolutely amazing {I hope by saying that I didn't just jinx myself}.  You go to bed each night at 8:30pm and wake up at 7:15am.  We are still swaddling you because you have mastered rolling from your back to your belly like a champ, as soon as I lay you down you are over on your belly, the problem is you don't like to sleep on tummy and you end up getting really mad.  So I have to swaddle you so that you will actually go to sleep.  Nap times are the same way, before being able to roll over you use to take naps unswaddled.  You take 3 naps a day.  You go down for your first nap around 9am after we drop Kaylee off at school.  You sleep for about an hour or so.  Your awake until 12:30 when you and your sisters go down for a nap, this is where you take your longest nap of about 3 hours.  You then will take your finally cat nap around 6 for about 30 minutes!

EATING: It's one month since I stopped breastfeeding and you were introduced to formula.  You are doing really well with the formula and have had no problems.  You drink 5oz every 3 hours {so that's 5 bottles a day / 25oz total} and your doctor said that was fine.  You get extremely mad every time you are done with your bottle, so as soon as your done we distract you or give you your binks. I tried to introduce food in the middle of your 4th month and you weren't really ready, you were having a hard time with the spoon and most of the food was on you instead.  So I stopped and figured I'd wait until you hit the 5 month mark and we would try again, which I did a couple days ago and you did so much better.  You are opening your mouth with each bite and your keeping the food in your mouth instead of all over you.  Foods you've tried and liked - sweet potatos {by far your favorite}, applesauce, pears and peaches.  You don't like peas at all!!

Clothes: some 3-6 & 6 month stuff
Diaper: size 2
Shoes: size newborn {the one time she's worn shoes}
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark blue

* You started holding your own bottle {3.3.13}

* I try to sit you up but you don't really like it all to much.  But when you do get balanced you can sit there for 15 seconds before falling to the side or getting to excited

* When you are laying on your belly you've started reaching for your toys and will put them in your mouth.

* You don't like when your sisters yell, it makes you cry

* You celebrated your 1st St. Patrick's Day {3.17.13}

* You love looking at yourself in the mirror.  Your little arms starting moving with so much excitment, its the cutest thing

*  You haven't lost any of your hair.  It's weird to me becuase Kaylee barely had any hair and Keira lost all her hair on the top by 3 months.  The only thing is you have a little bald spot on the back of your hair where you rub your head back and forth.

* You love to swing on the swings

* You are rolling over back to belly all over.  As soon as I put you down on your back, your on your belly in a matter of seconds.

* You love to babble

* When I hold you close to my face you've started touching my face.  You touch my face and then open your mouth and come in for a smooch.  It seriously just melts my heart!!

* You love to watch what your sisters are doing.  You will watch their every move.  When Kaylee cry's, you laugh.  You love when your sisters make you laugh, and they do a good job at it. 

* You've started showing signs of seperation anxiety when I leave the room

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  1. I just can't believe she is 5 months old already! Geez! Seems like you just had her! Time needs to slow down for us mamas!

    I absolutely *love* her eyes in the picture right below her stats. They are so big and bright!

  2. Man these kiddos need to stop growing don't they? I think in the 5 month comparison she looks a lot like Keira. Happy 5 months cutie!

  3. I love how you keep up with this.. I am going to give it a try with Adalynn.

  4. Those eyes!! Crazy beautiful:) Happy 5 months K!