Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend

For Father's Day weekend we were suppose to go up to the mountains to spend the weekend with Jason's dad.  We were going to borrow Jason's grandparents trailer but they had a round up.  So we made a day trip instead.  We went up by Bear Valley on Saturday morning.  The weather the awesome and the girls had a blast!  They got to take their first ride on a razor and they had the best time!  I know Keira had a blast, she was DIRTY the entire time.  haha
The girls wanted to go on a razor ride and Grandpa Jeff was more than ready to take them.  Kaylee rode in the razor with Grandpa Jeff and Keira rode in the rhino with daddy.  This was the girls first time in one and they loved it.  Grandpa said that Kaylee talked the entire time and telling him how much fun she was having.  They were gone for about an hour or so.  On there ride they stopped off at a stream and the girls threw rocks into the water for the first time.  Lots of firsts for them this weekend.  They then made there way back and Keira ended up falling asleep.
After the girls returned we hung out around camp and the girls played.  The baby took a nap and once she woke from her nap we decided to take a walk through all the fallen trees.  There were some really big trees out there, we even parked next to a huge tree that had fallen down, the stump was HUGE.

Kaylee's first time peeing in the woods needed to be documented!

Checking out the BIG ants

Grandpa and the girls

Kaylee picked some flowers for me
 After walking around we headed back to camp and told everyone good bye.  It was a 2 hour drive home and it was a little after 5.  We had a great time and were hoping to do more of it
* * * *
Sunday daddy had to go to work for a little bit in the morning, which worked out perfect for me.  I was able to get the girls dressed and outside to take some of the cutest pictures of them.  I framed up a picture of them, we made daddy a coupon book and we also made him a "all about dad book".  Daddy got home from work right after the girls were done with lunch.  They gave daddy his gift, which he loved and then they headed for a nap.
Once the girls woke up from their naps we got cleaned up and we waited for my dad and step mom to come over.  I made dinner for everyone.  We had sweet & spicy bacon wrapped chicken, salad and fresh green beans.  Which was totally good if I do say so myself and for dessert we had peanut butter cream pie.  The girls had a good time with grandpa playing.  He left around 7:45 and the girls spent a little more time with daddy before heading off to bed.
Daddy had another great Father's Day with his girls!


  1. SOunds like a great day! Love the pics of your dog :-)

  2. sounds like a fun day! I've never been to bear valley, looks beautiful!