Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our final weekend at the beach house

As our final beach weekend came to an end on Sunday afternoon and we returned home to yucky rainy weather, it made me wish we were back at the beach basking in the beautiful sunshine!  Our beach house journey has sadly ended, I love going to the beach.  All the memories that were made on this trip, I will cherish forever.  We had a great time and the girls had a blast.

June 22nd
Grandma and Grandpa came and picked up the girls on Thursday night {6.20.13} and took them to the beach with them.  The girls were so excited to be with grandma and grandpa, they haven't been able to spend their Monday and Friday with them cause they go to beach each weekend.  So the girls were able to spend the whole day with them on Friday.  Grandma said they did great, they played at the beach and just had a great time.  Jason, the baby & I headed to the beach house early Saturday morning.  We got there and unloaded our stuff and headed down to the beach, the girls were so excited to see us.  Kaylee couldn't wait to show us that she could play in the ocean and she wasn't afraid.  We spent time at the beach playing before we went back to the house to eat lunch and then put the girls down for a nap.  That night we walked around a street fair and then we were going to go to The Boardwalk and onto the wharf for dinner.  But there were so many people at the boardwalk and all the parking lots were full so we changed plans and went to a different place for dinner.  Each time we've gone out to dinner with them, they have been awesome, they color until food gets there and they eat all their dinner.  Since they were so good, grandma stopped on the way home and got them a cookie.

* * * *

June 23rd
Sunday was our final time at the beach.  We got up around 7:30am got the girls all ready and waited for everyone else to get ready and we were going to walk down the hill to eat breakfast on the wharf.  Once we were done with breakfast Jason's mom and step dad walked back up to the beach house and we told them we were going to stay and take some pictures of the girls on the beach.  It wasn't nearly as warm as it was the day before.  {For Jason's moms birthday she told me she wanted a picture of the girls at the beach}  So we walked down and went under the pier and took some pictures, we tried to take more but it was just to cold for the girls.  Since the girls did so well, we told them that we would go to the candy store and they could get some candy.  Once we got our candy we called grandma to see if they were going to meet us back at the beach.  They met us down at the beach with all the beach toys and we had a good time playing on the beach.  The fog really started to roll in and we decided to head back up the house.  We ate pizza for lunch and then packed up our stuff and headed home.  We had a great time.

mommy's masterpiece!

tickles from grandpa

mommy & Kaylee's final masterpiece before her and Keira smashed it

Keira was being a stinker!

Kaylee was yelling "candy"


  1. What a great trip! Love those photos of the girls under the pier!!

  2. Wish we lived closer to the beach! Loving your beach babes:)

  3. I'm so glad you guys had such a fun trip! LOVE the picture of the girls under the pier. That's a framer for sure!

  4. You have some seriously beautiful girls, Momma! :) LOVE the beach shots!!

  5. Looks like a good time! You have beautiful girls!

  6. that pic of Jason and Kaylee holding hands looking at the water is so precious!

  7. So much fun! I love the pictures of the 3 girls together!