Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally the warm weather is back...

{written on 5.28.13}

After a week of crappy super windy and rainy weather, we are back to the warm weather.
Thank god cause that means that the girls can go outside and play and run off some of their built up energy they have from having to stay inside all week.
So I filled up their pool that they got from Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Jerrod and they played outside in that pool for a good 2 hours.  The weather is just going to get hotter and hotter and the week goes on.  Hotter as in its suppose to be 100 by Friday! {5.31.13}  Holy cow...  So we will be spending lots of time outside this week and then we are off to the beach on Saturday for a week, which I'm highly looking forward too!

 Doing a little water exercising

She was so proud of herself for holding her breathe and sticking her face under water.  She did it multiple times more and said she was practicing for her up coming swimming lessons this summer.

* * * *

The next day {5.29.13} after nap we were back outside in the pool again, this time baby sissy joined in on the fun.  Kendall had a blast splashing in the water.  The girls were really good about not splashing her to much but on the occasion that they did, she giggled.  It was perfect for the baby cause we left the water in the pool over night and it had a chance to warm up during the day so when the girls got in it was like bath water, perfect for Miss Kendall.

We will spending a lot of time in this pool this summer!

{taken with my IPhone}


  1. Oh man, little girl bathing suits are THE cutest! All of your girlies look so precious. I can't wait to buy one for Emmerson!

  2. LOVE their little red suits!!! What a cool looking pool:)

  3. I can't wait until we have pool weather here!

  4. I love that lady bug swim suit!! Where did you find that? Such a cute pool!!

  5. Cute pictures! They look adorable in their suits!