Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kendall is 8 months old

Kendall:  Why are we only 4 months away from your 1st birthday?  Why have these past 8 months flown by in the blink of an eye?  You weren't really interested in looking at the camera this month for pictures. I really cant believe how fast you are growing.  Sweet girl, I have enjoyed every single minute with you.  When I bring you into bed with me each morning I love our  snuggle time, it makes my heart melt that you still love to snuggle with me cause I know that wont last forever.  I don't know if I'm a little more sentimental about things with you because your my last, but often times I find myself going into our room at nap time to watch you sleep.  I want soak in your sweet smells, watch your little belly rise and fall with each breath, the way you grip your lovie in a way that makes you feel safe and the smile on your face each time you see me.  You are such a good baby, you are always so happy and I love your little gummy smile.  You have become so curious about your surroundings and anything that you can put in your mouth. 

I love you to the moon and back!


You are such a great sleeper.  You are still taking 3 naps a day {9am, 12:30pm & 5pm}  You can sleep anywhere and pretty much through anything.  While on our beach trip a couple weeks ago, you took a nap on the beach twice and you even slept while on a train ride, even through them blowing the loud whistle!  You wake up around 7am each morning {on rare occasions you wake up around 6am, but I bring you into bed with me and we snuggle and you go back to sleep}.  You go to bed each night at 8:15pm.  You don't really liked to be rocked to sleep, you would rather just be put down while your awake and put yourself to sleep.  Every once in awhile you will fall asleep on me and I love those days!

At the end of your 7th month we introduced you to puffs and to these melt away fruits {which you love}  You do really well with both.  You are still eating baby food 2 times a day lunch and dinner.  In the morning when you wake up you will drink an 8oz bottle, the rest of the day you drink 7oz of formula.  While your eating you like to take your bottle out, cry for a second and then put your bottle back in your mouth.  You do this at almost every feeding, I'm not sure why.  Mommy has gotten splattered with baby food quite a few times from you spitting after I put a spoonful of food in your mouth....gross!

Height: 27" long
Clothes: 6-9 & 9 months
Shoes: ? {your feet are so small, I haven't found shoes that fit you}
Diaper: size 3 {they are big but 2s are to small}
Teeth: 1 {bottom left}

* mega blocks
* splashing in the bath
* playing peek a boo
* your sisters, you think they are funny
* your exersaucer
* babbling
* singing/dancing dog
* anything that makes noise 

* having your diaper changed
* people yelling {it scares you}
* having to wait for her bottle to get made

* When you sit on my lap, you grab my shirt and pull yourself up to stand
* You can get up into a girly push up
* You like to bang your toys together to make noise
* You use your thumb and pointer finger "pincher grasp" to pick up your puffs
* You can feed yourself your puffs, you almost make it into your mouth everytime
* You've just started being able to pull yourself up onto your knees 
* You lift your hands up when you want to be picked up or someone tries to pick you up
* You lift your arms up when someone says "How big is Kendall, so big!"

* 6.12.13 while sitting on the floor playing, you started getting fussy.  You looked over at me and did your first sign, you signed "night night".  I have been doing baby sign language with you since around 4 months old.  I knew at 4 months that you wouldn't be able to sign back to me but I wanted you to get use to the signs.  My way of teaching you is, I will do the sign and say what I'm signing and then I will have her do the sign {with my help} while I say the sign.

Well your not really "talking" you are more babbling.  You have really found your voice these last few weeks and your not afraid to use it!  At the end of your 6 month you said your first word "dada" but you haven't really said it again since, so were working on "mama" now. 

They have been great with you and you love them.  Now that your able to sit up, they are way more interested in playing with you.  They will sit with you on the blanket and play with you with your toys.  Kaylee likes to play peek a boo with you, that girl can get some good giggles out of you.  Keira likes to give you hugs and when she does you go in for a nice tug on her hair. I put some of their old baby toys away for you when you got big enough, recently I brought some of them out and your sisters think they are new toys for them!

Here's a cute video of Kendall playing





  1. Kendall is so adorable! All 3 of your girls have the most gorgeous eyes!

  2. So fun! Happy 8 months pretty little princess!

  3. I remember that it was about this time last year when you annouced she was a girl. Time flies! She is just beautiful.

  4. I can't believe she is 8 MONTHS OLD!!! Totally looking like Keira this month:)

  5. Happy 8 months Kendall! She really is so, so cute. And those little sneakers - ahhh, I die! :-)

  6. Happy 8 months girly! (: shes super adorable btw!

  7. Happy 8 months, sweet girl! She is getting so big!

  8. aw happy 8 months! Time is flying! When did you stop BFing with her? It's getting so discouraging and i haven't even made it to 2 weeks! I'm gonna stick with it but i swear this BFing thing has been harder than my actual labor was!