Friday, June 21, 2013

First day of summer...

We celebrated the first day of summer a day early {6.20.13}
We celebrated early cause that night Kaylee and Keira were leaving with Grandma and Grandpa to head back to the beach house.  We will be meeting up with them on Saturday morning.
Thursday morning I dragged the pool over to the grass and filled it up with water.  I told the girls if they were good and took a good nap that they could swim when they woke up.  Kaylee woke up before both her sisters and was bugging me to go swim.  So I decided to have a little mom and Kaylee time.  It was jus the two of us and I think she really enjoyed our time together.



When Keira and Kendall woke up from their naps, they joined Kaylee outside for some pool fun.  Kendall loves that she can sit up now cause she loves to splash in the water.
I love how Kaylee and Kendall have their arms around each other

she's trying to do "thumbs up"



  1. Cute! Our first day of summer is awful today---rain!

  2. Soooo adorable! Our first day of summer is beautiful here, but I have to work this afternoon =( Tomorrow will hopefully be just as good =)

  3. Love all the photos! What do you use to edit them, they always look so good! Happy First day of SUMMER!!

  4. These pictures are all so cute. This looks like so much fun! We may have to break our little pool this weekend!

  5. New followere here! How cute are your girls!?

  6. You girls are always having too much fun!!!