Friday, July 12, 2013

"I never want to do that again!" says Kaylee about jumping off the diving board

During swim lessons today, it started out just like every other day has.
Get in the water, play red light green light, float on your back, swim with the noodle and practice going under the water.  But today was a little different.  We did do all those things listed above but then the teacher had all the kids get out of the pool and put life jackets on.  It made me wonder, what the heck are they doing?
So as they walked to the deep end of the pool, we got up and followed.
All the little girls were scared and very hesitant on wanting to jump off the diving board.
I pulled Kaylee aside and told her that she was going to be ok, that her teacher was in the water and would catch her, that nothing was going to happen to her and to be brave.  She was still very hesitant and crying, I told her it would be ok and that daddy and grandma would love to see her jump off.  I kinda bribed her a little bit, I told her if she jumped off the diving board that we would get Jack in the Box for lunch.  That brightened her day a little bit.
She walked up the stairs on the diving board and with the help of the life guard screamed as she walked down to the end to jump off.  She didn't really jump off the life guard lifted her and let her go.  After she got out of the water she told me "I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN" 
I am proud of her for doing it, I know she was probably scared, she is my more cautious one and when she doesn't want to do something she finds scary she WONT do it.  I wanted her to do this to show her that nothing bad was going to happen to her and that her teacher would be right there to catch her. 


P.S. the person laughing in the video isn't me, it was one of the other moms
We have 4 more days of swim lessons before they are over.
At the beginning of August Kaylee will be attending the last 3 weeks of summer school before school starts on August 26th.  I'm thinking that while Kaylee is in school I'm gonna have Keira taking swimming lessons.  It will be good for her too and Keira is fearless and loves the water.  Then next year they can take lessons together.  It's fun for them, its nice cause it wears Kaylee out for good naps and she meets little kids her age.

Have a great weekend! 
Tomorrow we will be celebrating our big 4 year old at her pool party bash!


  1. Too funny! Aubrey has finally decided that It's fun to jump in the pool without her floats. Her big sis has been begging her to do it all summer!

    I bet Keira will have a blast!

  2. Haha, poor girl!! I think this will be Callyn :) Glad you caught that on camera...sweet memory!

  3. Oh my, Raya would die of a heart attack! lol

    Now Brielle, she would have run off and done a cannonball or something hehe

  4. Poor baby.. I'm sure after a few jumps she will love it! K is the same way with a lot of firsts.

  5. Goodness... they don't hesitate at all, haha! :) They just dropped her in. ;)

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