Monday, July 15, 2013

Kaylee turns 4 with a pool party bash

On Saturday we finally celebrated our big 4 year old.
She turned 4 back in May.  The weekend in May we originally had her party scheduled for a lot of family wasn't able to make it, so we cancelled it.  The whole month of June wouldn't work since Jason's mom rented the beach house for the whole month and would be gone.  So after our family beach trip and 2 months after her actual birthday we had her pool party bash on Saturday.
In the beginning Kaylee said she wanted a Merida party {Brave}.  I had some ideas in my head but in the end was having a hard time with the decorating and what I really wanted to do.  So when she changed her mind and said she wanted a pool party, I was super excited.  I searched around on pinterest and etsy and got a lot of ideas.

Before leaving the house I wanted to get some pictures of the birthday girl in her outfit {made by my mom}.  I knew once we got to grandma's house that getting pictures of her might be impossible!

We arrived at Jason's moms at 10am to set up and get everything ready before guest started arriving at 11:30am.  On the menu was greek food {Grandpa made gyros and potatoes} and hot dogs for the kids.  The food was so good and everyone LOVED it.  For dessert we had nutterbutter flip flop cookies, waffer surf boards, red vine noodles, peach ring inner tubes and cupcakes {I made 48 cupcakes - vanilla chocolate chip & chocolate chocolate chip.  On 24 of the cupcakes I did pink lemonade and orangesicle icing with cupcakes toppers & on the other 24 cupcakes I put blue icing with life saver gummies and a teddy graham in the gummie and an umbrella.  They were a big hit!} 

We got a bounce house for the kids but they didn't really use it, it was hot and they all played in the pool instead.  The kids had an awesome time in the pool.  I picked up some blaster guns at the dollar store for the kids {which the adults plated with too!}

With all the hard work planning this party and every other party, its always nice to hear your kids say "this was best party ever!  I had so much fun mom"  I am so glad Kaylee had such a great day.  It was fun to see her and all the kids having so much fun!  Only 3 in a half more months and we'll be back at grandma's house for another little girls 1st birthday party!

A few of the cousins had to leave, so we got everyone out of the pool to sing Happy Birthday!

After singing happy birthday the kids ate some cupcakes and ran around before getting back into the pool to swim some more.  We had a good day!

I think she really enjoyed that cupcake!

my cousin

Jason's dad had a special surprise for Kaylee and everyone else.  He did a fly by in an L39 jet.  Everyone and Kaylee loved it.  It was pretty cool.  I mean how many 4 year olds do you know that get fly overs for their birthday party?!
More people were getting ready to leave so we got the kids out and changed to come inside and open gifts.  She got some clothes, barbies, books, hungry hungry hippo, a riding helmet {for riding on a razor} & some cash!  Keira couldn't contain herself during present time.  After Kaylee opened each present she would take the present and go every single person.


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