Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In 5 years....

It's 11:05pm Monday night, as I lay in bed watching the flicker of the TV I tell myself I should be sleeping.  Kendall was awake a couple times the night before due to teething.  But instead I walk over to watch my sweet girl sleeping.  I cant help but run my fingers through her soft brown hair and kiss her little hand.  Listening to each breathe she takes is music to my ears.  In that moment I know that no matter how rough of a day I'm having, no matter how many fights I have to break up in a day, that I am so blessed.  Before I wake the baby, I climb back into bed and try to imagine where my life will be or where I hope it will be in 5 years...


In 5 years it's hard to believe that I will have a 9 year old, almost 7 year old and an almost 5 year old.  That is still so weird to think about.  I often wonder how things will be when they are those ages and it's just so hard to imagine how their personalities will change, how their looks will change and what kind of attitudes they will have. I hope in 5 years that my girls still want to snuggle with me, still come up at random times during the day to give me a hug and most of all I hope to hear my favorite 4 little words "I love you mommy".  I hope my girls continue to grow healthy and strive to be the best they can.  I hope they always lean on each other for support and love.  I hope all my girls will have a love of learning and excel in school.

In 5 years I hope we own our own home.  A place where the girls get their own rooms, a place to make childhood memories, a place for fun girly sleepovers with friends and a whole lot of love.  I cant wait to decorate and plaster pictures of my girls all over the walls, a jungle gym in the backyard for many hours of fun.  I hope to live in a safe neighborhood with lots of kids for my kids to play with. 

In 5 years I hope to be the best wife I can be.  I hope that my love for Jason only continues to grow stronger.  I cant to share tons of memories and fun with him.  I cant wait to grow old with this man that I've loved already for so many years.  I hope he always knows how much he truly means to me and how much I appreciate all that he does for me and our girls.

In 5 years I cant wait to see how daddy will be with his girls.  I hope they continue to be daddy's little girls.  I hope they always run up to him with as much excitement as they do now when he comes home from work.  I'm excited to see how their relationship will continue to grow and change. 

In 5 years I hope to have all of our debt paid off.  Which I think will happen way before then.  I hope in a couple months when we pay off our debt that we are able to keep them paid off. Being debt free will allow us to have a lot more fun as a family cause we wont have to worry so much about bills.

In 5 years I hope we can take a fun family trip somewhere.  Our kids will be old enough to where they will be pretty self suffiecient and be a lot of fun.  I would love to go somewhere tropical and just have a blast as a family. 



  1. Such a sweet post...and the photos! I think in 5 years you will have all of these things!

  2. Great post and pictures! 5 years will be here all too fast, I think. :(