Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh how pinteresting - engagement outfit & picture ideas

With our engagement pictures coming up in October.
I've been on the hunt for some cute outfits & photo ideas.
Where else does one go when they are looking for outfit & photo ideas but none other than pinterest.
In October the weather should still be on the warm side.  I've read that for engagement pictures people usually wear a casual outfit and a dressier outfit.  But if you know me than you know that I don't really dress up a lot or wear dresses.  So our engagement pictures might be a little different than the norm but I think they should represent us. I am excited to take these pictures.  Jason and I haven't ever had professional pictures done and it will be nice to be able to display these all over our house.
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Here are some engagement picture ideas I want to try to recreate!

As for the outfits here are a few I have in mind
Which ones do you like the best?!
or if you have any suggestions on something I can wear, please let me know!




  1. I love the outfit with the coral maxi with the chambray shirt! Very cute idea!

  2. Such cute ideas!!! I LOVE the mint skinnys....SO cute and casual yet they can be dressed up with some heels and fun jewelry!!!

  3. Yay for engagement pictures! I still treasure ours!! They were great for displaying at our reception, too! We even used some of them in our guest book! I love the chambray shirt with colored denim! It's classic with that pop of color to make it stand out! Can't wait to see them!!

  4. I'm anxious to see how they turn out! Love all your ideas and I'm totally loving the mint skinnys too!

  5. I think you are right, they should represent you guys.

    Okay, here are the poses I love: the one where she is standing on her tip toes to kiss him; so cute! I also love the pose where they are standing on the bridge where the guy has his knee up. And then I absolutely love the one where he is kissing her head. :)

    As for outfits, I love the color of those teal skinny jeans! Super fun! And I really like them paired up with heels like the picture of Lauren Conrad {I think that's her, right?}.

    The other outfit I like is the denim shirt with the maxi skirt. I am a maxi fanatic! So comfy, yet cute!

  6. Great picture ideas!

    I love the coral/maxi/denim one! I also love the mint skinny jeans but personally I never think green photographs well if you will be in the grass/trees---all that green is hard to make work in my experience. So maybe the coral one for the pics in the grass and greenery, and then the mint pants for ones that are more "urban" or with stone walls/staircases/things like that :-)

  7. Truly impressive engagement outfit & picture ideas! So much in love with all these inspirations. We have been planning to have a grand engagement in royal style. Will be booking a royal themed venue Houston for it. Hope to make it rocking for all.