Monday, July 29, 2013

Kendall is 9 months old

Kendall Morgan: 
You turned 9 months on Saturday 7.27.13.  You are 3/4 of a year. Two hundred and seventy days old. You have been out in this world as long as you were in my belly.  I have to tell you these 9 months with you on the outside have gone by way, way faster than when I was pregnant with you. I cant believe we are 3 short months away from celebrating your FIRST birthday.  I'm glad I still have 3 months to prepare myself for that cause I'm not ready for you to be ONE yet.  I hate that your growing up so fast but I love you at this age.  You are so fun, I love your little personality, you smile at anyone that talks to you and you are still my little snuggle bug and 100% a mommy's girl!

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl

Love, Mommy

SLEEPING: This month has been a little rough.  My sweet girl you are teething and let me tell you, you and teething are NOT friends.  You are a bad teether just like your sister Keira was.  You wear your amber teething necklace and during the day it seems to help you, but when it comes to nap or bed time you just cant seem to relax and put yourself to sleep like you were before.  I'm hoping that after both your top 2 teeth come in you'll go back to sleeping great again.  You are still taking 3 naps a day and you don't seem like you'll be cutting it down to 2 naps anytime soon.  Once you finally fall asleep you do sleep pretty good, at night you'll cry out 2-3 times and I only have to give you your pacifier and you'll stop.

Here is your schedule:
7:30am - wake up and play with your stuffed animals for a bit
7:45am - get up, change your diaper and drink a bottle and then play
9:15am - you go down for a nap {1 - 1.5 hours long}
10:30am - you wake up, diaper change, drink a bottle & eat some puffs, if we have no where to go   then you'll play
12:15pm - go down for your afternoon nap {2-3 hours}
3:00pm - wake up, diaper change, drink a bottle and eat some puree and play
5:00pm - you go down for your last nap {1 hour}
6:00pm - wake up, diaper change, drink a bottle and eat some puree, play and hang out
7:30pm - bath, bottle, and bedtime story with your sisters
8:15pm - bedtime

EATING: You have become very interested in people food this month.  When you see any of us eating you will watch us like a hawk in hopes that you'll get some.  You have tried a few new people foods and are loving every minute of it.  You've beans, meatloaf, teddy grahams and crackers.  Since you do so well with chewing I'll be introducing more people food to you this month.

PERSONALITY: Baby girl you have the greatest personality ever.  You are always so happy, your sisters were happy babies but you are beyond happy all the time.  When people talk to you {strangers or family} you get the biggest smile on your face and get so excited.  Its the cutest thing.  You've also started showing your little sassy side.

Weight: 17lbs 4oz
Height: 29"
Clothes: 9 months
Shoes: size 2
Diaper: size 3
Teeth: 3 {2 bottom, 1 on top}
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark blue

* you can wave HI
* you got your second bottom tooth {right}
* you can sign "more"
* you look in the direction when someone calls your name
* when laying on the floor on your tummy, you spin in circles
* can play peek a boo
* tries to copy different sounds and gestures
* can stand while holding onto something
* top L tooth {7.24.13}
* when laying on your tummy you can scoot back

* bath time
* swimming in grandma's pool
* sophie the giraffe
* climbing on mommy
* playing peek a boo
* screeching really loud!
* playing with mega blocks
* swinging on the swings
* getting your diaper changed
* waiting for me to get you your bottle
* your sisters taking things away from you
* being told NO NO {we've only had to say no no when you put things your not suppose to in your mouth}
* sitting in your carseat unless we're in the car and the car is moving
* your exersaucer
* your lovey {we need to get you another one, when it was nap time the other day and it was in the wash cause it was dirty, you refused to take a nap and mommy needed to rock you instead}
* Sophie the giraffe
* having books read to you

* you are so ticklish, it's the cutest
* you are still in your rear facing car seat {by this time both of your sisters were in a big kid car seat}
*  you went in grandma's pool for the 1st time {6.29.13} and you loved it!
*  you ate your first bite of waffles and loved it {7.13.14}
* your skin is so much dark than your sisters ever were, my little Portuguese baby.
* you like to dump things out of buckets when you play
* you are showing signs of separation anxiety when I leave the room even if your with daddy
* while your standing you like to stomp your right foot {like your dancing}
* all I have to do is look at you without saying a word and you get the biggest smile on your face

{Newborn - 9 months}



  1. Great update---love all the smiley pics!

  2. Happy 3/4 of a year, pretty Kendall!

  3. I cant believe she is 9 months already!! She is such a doll, just like her sisters!!

  4. She looks a lot like your second daughter. I cannot believe she is nine months already! We are right behind you! Her pictures are beautiful as always, her eyes get me every time!

  5. aw i love this idea of catching the updates for each thing.. i may have to copy you! :)

  6. Happy 9 months, little doll!
    She looks so BIG in the first picture!

  7. I LOVE these monthly update posts! She is seriously such a doll Joeylee. You two sure do make some gorgeous girls, thats for sure! :)