Monday, July 8, 2013

Kaylee swim lessons day one

Today was the first day of swim lessons for Kaylee.
I was a little worried about how she would do.  She loves to swim at grandma's but she always has floaties on.  Today they had no floaties or anything.  I was worried she would be to scared and cry.  But my big girl surprised me and she had a blast.  She got a little scared when they had to get out and jump in holding the instructors hands, but she did it.
She said she had fun, which is good cause she has swim lessons the rest of this week and half of next week.  I'm a proud mama.

Keira and Kendall did a good job just hanging out for the 30 minute class




  1. YAY Kaylee!!! =) Looks like she had a lot of fun too =)

  2. Good job Kaylee! Raya LOVED swimming lessons last year. She has them again this year for the next level---last week of July. I'm a little unsure how she'll do this year though b/c she will be in deeper water this time and she doesn't like not being able to touch. Guess we'll find out! haha

  3. Please tell me her swimsuit comes in my size? I adore it!

  4. Great job Kaylee!! Are you going to do any with Keira this year?

  5. YAY Kaylee!!! Im glad she did so well and had so much fun!!


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