Friday, October 28, 2011

Keira 11 months

Keira Alexis,

We are one month away from your 1st birthday and mommy is totally sad that you are turning into such a big girl.  You are not a baby anymore.  These past 11 months have been so much fun, I love seeing your little personality shine through and the funny things you do that remind me so much of your daddy.

FAVORITE TOYS: babies & balls

FAVORITE FOOD: rice & brocolli

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: swinging & being outside trying to eat everything

CLOTHING: 18 months

TEETH: 4 (2 top / 2 bottom)

SLEEP: 8:30-8

WORDS: mama, dadda, bye bye, ni ni

MILESTONES: letting go & standing alone, throwing things, using baby sign language

SLEEPING:  You have been sleeping in your room with sissy for over a month and you have been sleeping great.  You go to bed around 8:30 and wake up around 8.  Mommy is sooooo happy to be getting her sleep again too.  You are down to one nap a day, you go down at 12 and sleep for about 3 hours.

EATING:  You are wanting to eat everything even if it's not food!  Let me tell you it drives me crazy, I am constantly checking your mouth.  You love to eat, I am surprised your not a little rolly polly.  You eat 2 jars of baby food for breakfast then drive your bottle, eat a snack before, then eat a jar and a bottle before nap time, after your nap you have a snack and a bottle, then for dinner you eat 2 more jars and have your bottle right before bed.  You are trying more and more people food and you are LOVING it! Now that you have teeth we are going to buy you a tooth brush so we can start brushing your teeth.

CLOTHING:  You are wearing 18 month clothing.  You totally skipped over wearing 9 & 12 month stuff.  You are wearing a size 3 shoe and you are starting to leave your hair bows in.  Most days you can be found wearing a onesie with leg warmers.  But now that its getting cooler you are wearing more clothes.

Weight: 20lbs (39%)
Height: 30 inches (85%)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue

  • you have started to mimic things that mommy, daddy & sissy do
  • your top L tooth came in 10-1-11
  • your top R tooth came in 10-6-11
  • you LOVE to play peek a boo,  you will put the blanket over your face and what for someone to say "where's Keira?" and you then pull it down with the biggest smile on your face.
  • you love when mommy blows rasberries on your tummy
  • you are very impatient when it comes time to eat & you want more!

  • you LOVE to dance, anytime music comes on you start dancing...its so cute to watch
  • you give hugs when mommy picks you up, which I love
  • you started blowing kisses 10-8-11
  • you played with chalk for the first time 10-9-11
  • you are mommy's cuddle bug
  • you love to have your hair/head rubbed
  • you have a total obsession with shoes (mommy's in trouble)

  • you are trying to climb up the stairs, time to set up the baby gate
  • your growl and make monster noises, its so funny
  • on 10-14-11 you have been going down for a nap & bedtime with NO PACIFIER (you cut yourself off, can you teach your sister!)

Here is a comparison picture of both you and sissy at 11 months old.
You two have similar features (eyes & nose) but other than that you are so different.

All the preperations for your birthday have been under way and everything is purchased and made.  All that's left to do is buy the food.  We are taking your birthday pictures tomorrow, then mommy will start working on your birthday invitation. 
These past 11 months with you have been awesome and trying, but I wouldn't change anything for the world.  I love watching you and your sister play, I love hearing you scream at her when she takes something from you and I love watching when you guys are loving towards each other.

Thank you for being such a chill and easy going baby.  You and your sister have such different personalities  and that's what makes it so much fun watching you guys grow up.  You are now being told NO a lot cause you are trying to touch or eat something your not suppose to which makes you get a BIG boo boo lip & then start to cry.

You are such a big girl and I cant wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Love, Mommy


  1. Happy 11 Months Keira! She is so beautiful! I can't wait to see what you have planned for her birthday!

  2. Happy 11 months Keira! She always takes such nice pictures :-)


  3. what a cutie! Happy 11 months big girl :-) Love it when they are good eaters :-)

  4. Happy 11 months, Keira!!! YAY!!! for sleeping so well at night...that is SO awesome:) She is just the cutest little thing and I just love love love all of the pictures you share!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. She is adorable!!! Those eyes are going to win lots of boys over one day :)
    Love her little outfit too.

  6. Happy 11 months Keira! Awesome pictures, as usual!

  7. Happy 11 months Keira! She is so beautiful and I'm loving every single picture! :)