Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend: Shopped till I dropped

Sorry I've been MIA, I needed to take some time to myself and spend time with my family. After I wrote that post about being at my breaking point it was like the next day the "good" switch had been turned on in my girls and they were little angels.  Since writing that they both have been really good and taking naps at the same time so that I can get a break.  It's been nice.

Here's what we did this weekend....

FRIDAY:  We had a very quiet day around our house.  We watched cartoons the first part of the morning cause it was to cold to go outside after the 2 days of rain we had.  Kaylee wanted me to put her & Keira in the double stroller and then park them in front of the TV like at a drive in.


  Daddy played hookie from work and went out on our friends boat for the day.  So the girls and I just hung out.  We played in the front yard for a little bit before Kaylee left to go to Grandma's house.  We had a good time outside, it had gotten nice later in the afternoon after the girls' nap.  I was able to get both girls down for a nap at the same time and they took a good 3 hour nap.  That 3 hours to myself was AWESOME!

Love this picture of Keira

So Kaylee left for Grandma's and I got a call 2 hours later from Kaylee telling me that she was going to stay at Grandmas.  She always has a great time when she stays at Grandma's.  These last 4 Fridays' she's spent the night so she must be having some fun!!

SATURDAY:  I had a WIC appt at 9:15am that Keira and I went to.  After our appt we walked down the block and met Grandma and Kaylee at the Farmer's Market where Kaylee proudly showed me her rasberries and pumpkin she got.  She also showed me her cool sticker from the Firemen.  She didn't want to get on the fire truck, she was scared.

Kaylee's pumpkin

So we walked the block back to the truck and loaded up to meet daddy.  We got the girls stuff ready and loaded into the truck cause we were headed out to our friends house.  On friday night daddy informed me that he was going to watch Kaylee while the girls went out shopping on Saturday.  So we got our friends house another friend and her baby came with us.  We loaded the babies into the car and headed to the mall.  We got there around 12 and this mall is 2 stories and is BIG.  So we started at one end and worked our way down.  After shopping for about 2 hours we decided to stop and get some lunch.  We went to Cheesecake Factory.   We all got a salad and the girls were going to get cheesecake, I was full so I was going to pass but they totally talked me into getting one too.  I mean you cant go to the Cheesecake Factory and NOT get cheesecake, it's like a crime!  So I got Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake (YUM!)  Since I know Jason loves this place and he was playing RC cars I sent him this picture from my phone!  haha sucker!  I didn't eat it all so I brought it home with me so that I could share with him!

After stuffing our face we put the girls back in their strollers and headed back into the mall to shop some more.  I got a lot of stuff.  My fall/winter wardrobe is starting to come together.  I got 1 pair of jeans, 7 tops and 1 pair of shoes.  I cant wait to wear everything.  Keira was so good shopping.  We didn't end up leaving the mall till 7.  Yes we shopped for 7 hours thats including lunch!  It was a LONG day but I had so much fun with my girls.  We need to do it more often.  We are saving our allowence so we can make a trip to the Sacremento Mall cause it's bigger.  We loaded up in the car and made our way home.  I made Keira a bottle and she was kinda whiny while drinking it.  She finished her bottle and played with a toy for a little bit and then just started crying.  I thought she was crying and cranky cause she didn't take a very good nap and was overly tired.  To make things worse I couldn't find her pacifier anywhere, she threw somewhere, so we had to pull over and try to find it.  Even after finding it she didn't want it.  So we had to listen to her cry the rest of the drive home (20 minutes).  I felt bad I was trying to brush my fingers through her hair cause normally she really likes that but it wasn't working.  We pulled into our friends drive way and she left out a little burp.  I got her out of the car and she let out 2 BIG burps and stopped crying.  Aww poor baby had gas!  We went in to get daddy and tell him we were ready to go cause it was 8:30 and past the girls bed time already.  We loaded them up and headed home.  The girls crashed. 
Now to check out my cute clothes I got....

cute right?!
They look so much cuter in person and I took the pics with my IPhone.  I'll be wearing one of my new outfits on date night on Monday.

SUNDAY:  Was all about RELAXING.  I needed to recuperate after my 7 hour shopping adventure the day before.  We hung out around the house.  The girls let me sleep in till 8 which was AWESOME!  Daddy made breakfast, we had breakfast burritos which were YUMMY.  Keira went down for a nap and Kaylee watched cartoons while mommy listened to Adelle and worked on Keira's birthday stuff.  Here's a sneak peek


Keira woke up from her nap and Kaylee went down for a nap.  I worked more on Keira's birthday stuff while she had a snack.  Once she was done with her snack we headed outside to play on the front grass.  It was nice outside.  She loves playing with all the leaves on the grass.  She even got to play with chalk and made a few lines on the ground.  She was so funny she was walking on all fours on the grass to get to the concrete, it was so funny!  We played outside for almost an hour before heading inside for her to go back down for her second nap (she woke up at 12 and went back down at 3).

I love the way she sits with her legs up!

Here's a cute video of Keira playing outside

 Kaylee was still taking her nap so I got a little break to myself, I kicked up my feet and watched Runaway Bride.  Kaylee woke up and had a snack and played with her toys for a little bit.  She then wanted to watch Toy Story, so I put it on for her.  We waited for Keira to wake up before heading back outside to play with the RC car.  It was so cute cause Kaylee sat on Daddy's lap and Keira sat right next to daddy and just watched.  It was so sweet.

Yes Kaylee is rockin a side pony!  she woke up from her nap and her hair was like that and I didn't fix it!

After playing we headed back inside to make dinner.  I made tuna melts, I found the recipe on Pinterest.  It was really good.  I will for sure be making them more often.


After dinner I finished Keira's birthday signed while the girls played with the magnets on the fridge & watched cartoons before going to bed.  We had a great weekend.  Saturday was busy but it's fun to get out with friends.  And its always nice to relax on Sunday with my family.  I love spending time with them.


 All in all we had an awesome weekend.
The girls & I will be hanging out today the weather doesn't look great out and it's cold.  So we'll be playing inside and watching cartoons.  When Keira goes down for a nap, Kaylee & I will be doing a craft (foil paint). Tonight after the girls go to grandmas I'll be standing in my closet trying to figure out which new outfit to wear for date night!


  1. It looks like you got some really cute new clothes!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I wish Kyla wasn't such a scaredy cat in the grass. I love that video! Such a cutie!

    Love all your clothes! Have fun on date night!


  3. Cute clothes! I need to go shopping for myself some time too.


  4. That last picture is priceless, they're just so into the tv!! Love the pics of them with their daddy, too, so precious :) Glad you had a good weekend!