Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Love Story

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years, yes I said boyfriend and yes I said 9 years!

Here is our LOVE story!
(just to warn you know this will probably be long)

Lets take it back to middle school, we went to the same middle school but that's not where our love story begins.  I actually didn't even know him in middle school let alone even talk to him.  We both went to the same high school but it wasn't until Senior year that I met him through a friend.  One night my friend said lets go hang out with the Jason's (my Jason was friends with a Jason).  So I agreed and the cool thing to do back then was go to the mall, so we went and walked around the mall and got dinner.  Jason was driving and dropped off my friend and his friend at home and then took me home.  After he dropped off both friends is when I started to get those butterflies and become totally nervous being in the truck with him.  He was totally sweet and not to mention HOT!  He dropped me off at home and asked me for my number,  I of course gave it to him cause I wanted to get to know him better.  He called me when he got home and we talked for like 3 hours on the phone.  I think back and then think about it today and I'm like what the heck did we talk about for so long!  Cause today we talk on the phone maybe about 10 minutes! haha

After talking on the phone like every day for like 2 or more hours he finally asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND!  YAY.  After that we were pretty much with each other all the time in the beginning cause it was so new and then after the first month we would hang out with our friends too.  We weren't one of those couples that got together and just forgot all about our friends.  We reached the 1 year mark and school was ending and we were getting ready to graduate.  He was going to be leaving to go to school at Chico State and I was staying to go to community college.  We talked a lot about whether we were going to stay together or take a break while he went to school.  From where we lived Chico was about a 3 hour drive.  In the end we decided that we would take a break while he attended school.  Of course I was heart broken.  But I did visit him at school quit often and we talked all the time, so it didn't really feel like we were on a break.  He only attended school for a year and decided it wasn't for him, so he moved back home.  Once he returned home I had a new boyfriend and he was talking to someone too.  But we both new we couldn't be with the other people cause we wanted to be with each other. 

We decided that it was time for us to take a vacation and have some fun together and rekindle what we had, so we loaded up in my Honda and made the 6 hour drive with our friend Mike (who was going to meet his girlfriend) and headed to Disneyland.  We spent 4 days in LA and had an awesome time just the 4 of us.  Jason & I did get some alone time just the two of us.

Once we returned home, we were together all the time.  I had lost touch with a few of my friends cause they were doing some things that I wasn't interested in doing (partying & drinking all the time).  So this ment I had more time to spend with Jason.  I had a job at Safeway and he would come visit me when he wasn't working with his dad.  We would work and spend time together.  We had so much fun together and would go on a lot of trips to the sand.
Sand Trip 2005

In 2006 4 years after graduating and 4 years of being together.  We moved out together, we moved into a small I mean small little studio that didn't even have a kitchen.  It was good for us back then, but after our lease was up we decided we needed something bigger.  So we moved into a tri plex that had a kitchen, so that I didn't have to wash our dishes in the bathroom sink.  Our lease for this house was a month to month, which was nice cause after being there 4 months, we had had enough.  Our neighbors would wake us up almost every night fighting and the guy beating his wife.  I swear we would call the cops almost every night around the same time.  So we moved in with my parents.  At the time Jason was building sand cars and was talking with a guy who lived in Las Vegas and he wanted Jason to come work for him.

But before making our decision we went on a snow trip with Jason's parents and celebrated Christmas with our families.  We talked a lot with our parents about moving and they thought it would be good for us to try new things.

Bear Valley 2006

Christmas 2006

After the holidays were over we made our decision and decided to move to Vegas, NV.  After looking for houses online we called up our friends that lived there and asked them if they could look at the house for us and let us know how it looked.  They said it was awesome and so we wired $ to them and they gave the landlord money.  Yes we paid for a house we hadn't seen but we trusted our friends. Jason moved up there and got everything settled.  I had to stay behind for a month before I could move there cause of my job.  I gave my notice and had to train a new girl.  So that was tough to be away from Jason for a month.  But I was so happy to be moving to Vegas cause one of my really good friends in high school lived there with her boyfriend.  That and before we moved there Jason and I would go to Vegas once a year.

The time had finally come for me to pack up the last little bit of stuff that I had while I was living at my parents house.  I loaded the truck up and picked up Jason's cousin Justin and we made the 9 hour drive to Vegas.  It was nice cause Justin drove most of the way.  We moved to Vegas in April 2007, it was hot.  I had the best time living in Vegas (we actually lived in Henderson, which is about 10 minutes from the strip).  The house I had found was literally right around the corner from my friends house, so we were over there or they were at our house all the time.  It was awesome.  Sometimes I still wish we lived in Vegas cause we had so much fun.  Work was going good for both of us and we were having fun. The holidays rolled around and we drove home for Christmas.  It was nice to see our families.

Christmas 2007

After visiting with both sides of our families we loaded up our presents and headed back to Vegas.  At this point work had slowed down for Jason.  If you remember a guy that lived in Vegas wanted to move Jason out to Vegas and have Jason build him and redo some stuff on his sand cars.  This guy paid for us to move to Vegas.  So after the holidays work on the sand cars had slowed down and Jason was now working on this guys hummers.  He would come home at night and not be happy cause that wasn't what he came down there for.  So we talked about moving back to CA and Jason working for a friend of his doing remodeling on houses.  So after talking long and hard we decided to move back home.  So in Feb. 2008 we packed up and moved home.  Oh did I mention that before we moved to Vegas we bought a travel trailer, so when we moved back to CA we lived in our trailer for awhile.  Jason's dad lived on an acre, so we parked our trailer on his property and lived in that for about a year or so while we saved money.  Right after we returned home a week later we went on a trip with family and a bunch of friends to Glamis (the sand)

We spent the week enjoying ourselves in sand before returning home for Jason to start working and for me to start looking for a job.  In that time we had fun on the weekends riding our dirt bikes, going to Lake Del Valle & taking a day trip to the Mountains

In July 2008 we headed back to Vegas for my brother's 21 birthday.  We spent 4 days there and we had an awesome time.  My brother had a great birthday, who wouldn't have a great 21st birthday in Vegas.  We enjoyed spending time by the pool, hitting the club and hanging out with friends

In August 2008 I started to not really feel well and had a feeling that I might be pregnant.  After returning from our Vegas trip we had moved into a new house and my brother moved in with us.  We had our dog Kona and we had also just got a new puppy.  Well I had missed my period, so while Jason and my brother were down the street at a friends house racing RC cars I ran to the drug store and got a pregnancy test.  I tested and it said POSITIVE!  OMG.  Once we moved back to CA from Vegas it took me a long time to find a job.  So I had finally found a job and was probably there for about 5 months and then found out I was prego.  I was about 5 weeks along when I got called into my bosses office and he informed me that I was getting laid off.  REALLY?!?  I just found out I'm prego and now I'm out of a job.  So I filled for unemployment and Jason continued to work.  We waited till I was about 12 weeks before we told our families that we were expecting.  I wasn't sure how our families would take it.  But they took it really well and were very excited.

I had a really easy pregnancy
On May 13th, 2009 at 11:57pm
Kaylee Elizabeth
came into the world
she weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 19"

When she was born it was the best day of our lives.  We both cried at how beautiful she was.  They put her on my chest and she peed on me three times.  What a great way to start motherhood.

 We were so in love with this new little person in our life.  Before I had Kaylee we had moved again cause our landlord was being a pain in the butt.  He was coming by the house at any time and not calling first so we got tired of it and moved. 

Once we got home with her we settled in nicely and at 3 weeks old we had our first family trip.  Jason's mom had rented a house on Lake Tulloch for the week.  So it was Jason, Kaylee, my brother & I with jason's mom, dad and little brother.  We spent the week at the lake and had an awesome time.  We borrowed my parents boat and every time we went out Kaylee would fall asleep.  It was a great first family trip.

Once returning home we returned to our normal schedule.  Jason would go to work and I was stay home with Kaylee.  After being laid off Jason & I talked and we came to the conclusion that I could become a stay at home mom if I wanted to.  I jumped at that chance.  Any chance I get to spend time with my baby.

Winter rolled around and as a family with my brother included we headed to the snow.  Kaylee was 6 months old and this was her first time to the snow.  We spent the weekend, we had a great time as a family.  While daddy & uncle Josh snowboarded we hung out under the warmers and watched the ice skaters.  We had talked and said that just because we had a baby didn't mean that we weren't going to still have fun.  It just meant that we were going to have fun as a family and it might take a little longer to get out the door now!

November 2009

We got to spend our first Christmas as a family of 3. 

We took a family trip to Pismo Beach (Feb 2010)
Kaylee did really well in the sand for the first time.

In May 2010 after Kaylee's 1st birthday we took a family camping trip with my parents back to Lake Tulloch again.  Kaylee did really well camping.  She can sleep anywhere, it doesn't matter.  She's still like that to this day.  We spent 5 days at the lake.  We had a great time.  Kaylee really enjoyed going out on the boat and hanging out with Uncle Justin.

After returning from our trip a couple weeks had past and if you remember I did a post about not knowing I was prego with my 2nd daughter until I was 20 weeks.  Well I had went to the drs and found out I was 20 weeks along and had a ton of emotions.  It was a good thing I saved all of Kaylee's clothes and we still had everything.  We found out we were having another little girl.

It took us almost the rest of my pregnancy to agree on a name, just the first name!  I had a HUGE list and Jason didn't like any of them. Finally I came upon Keira and I hadn't heard it very often and I ran that name by him and he liked it.  So now our name choices were between JORDAN and KEIRA.  So we put the names in a hat and picked and he picked KEIRA, so thats how she got her name.  My pregnancy with Keira was a breeze too, it went by so quick!

On November 29th, 2010 at 10:43pm
We welcomed
weighing 7lbs 1oz and 20"

She was beautiful just like her sister.  We were now a family of 4 and our family was complete!

While I was in the hospital all I could think about was Kaylee.  I missed her and couldn't wait to see her.  I had hoped that I would be able to handle both kids, I hoped that Kaylee wouldn't be jealous and I hoped that Jason and I would be the best parents we could be.

In December 2010 we spent our first Christmas as a family of 4.
I love spending time with my family and having my girls is the best, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

After the holidays were over we celebrated my birthday and me turning 27!  We had also celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Being a mom is such a great joy.  I am so glad that god chose me to be Kaylee & Keira's mommy.  Jason & my girls are my life.

Over the next few months we did lots of fun family things together
Going to Pismo Beach with both girls (they did awesome)
Going to Lake Del Valle (watching Kaylee run around with excitment = happiness)
Spending Easter together
Going to our first Hockey game

These past 9 years have been the most exciting, joyful and stressful times in my life but I wouldn't change anything.  Being able to enjoy these past 9 years with Jason by my side has been the best.  He is the best daddy to the girls and the most caring boyfriend.  He will do anything for us and I love that.

He can make me laugh even when I don't want to.
We have done so many fun things together and I am so glad that I've got to expierence them all with him by my side.  I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with Jason and I'm hoping that he pops the question sometime!  A girl can wish right!  I think I deserve it after almost 10 years of dating and 2 kids.  LOL

So there you have it, our love story
We will celebrate 10 years together in Jan. 2012


  1. Aww what an amazing story!! Being together for 10 years is such an awesome milestone, whether you're married or not! You guys have a wonderful family and I hope he pops the question soon ;)

  2. Great story! Is he grabbing your boobs in that first picture?! hehe


  3. awww I love it! What an awesome adventure the 2 of you have had!

  4. I will cross my fingers for you. I love your story! I thought waiting 4 years was a lot....9 would seem like forever! I am glad you are happy. Your girls are adorable and your family is picture perfect!

  5. Wait, now you need to redirect me to the post where you were 20 weeks and didn't know you were pregnant!

  6. Married or not married that important things its that you guys maked a beautiful family. I actually think that is even better that you and your hubby are together for so long nd the only thing that is keeping you together is LOVE.