Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm in a RUT!

I'm in a blogging RUT.
I'm in a picture taking RUT.

I usually have my camera attached at my hip ready to take adorable pictures of my girls.  But for some reason my camera has been sitting on my kitchen table for the past 3 days.  I need snap out of it.

* I'm not sure what to blog about.  I usually blog about my kids all the time but lately we haven't been doing anything exciting to be blog worthy.  This past week we've been hanging out around the house or running a few errands. 

* We were suppose to be taking our family pictures tomorrow but hubs has to work.  So it has been moved to next weekend.  Really hoping that the weather is good.  I looked at the weather and its suppose to rain on Friday.  So fingers crossed for no rain and nice weather.  I have all of the poses that I want and where were taking the pictures and our outfits.  The girls are in 3 different outfits, I have 2 different shirts and daddy will wear just one shirt.  I cant wait to see how they turn out!

* Since daddy is working this weekend the girls and I will be hanging out around the house.  Maybe I'll find a craft for Kaylee to do while I get my craft on making stuff for Keira's birthday!

* After watching RAVEN post today about beauty products, I decided that I needed to update and get all new make up.  I ordered new makeup and hair products to make me feel better!  For some reason I haven't felt good about the way I look which lead me to not doing my makeup or getting dressed in my cute clothes.  I talked to my hubby and we talked about me getting this new stuff to make me feel better and he said do whatever is going to make me happy.  So my new beauty products are on their way! YAY

* This past week Kaylee has been really BAD with pottying!  It's like we're just starting the potty training processes.  She's been peeing in pants and not saying anything.  She's peed on the floor and on the couch (GROSS).  It has really been stressful this week!

* Speaking of stressful week Keira has been cranky/whiny through out the day cause she is TEETHING!  Her 2 top teeth are about to pop through.  They are so swollen and I can see the white spots.  I will say that even though she is teething and only wants to be held when she is awake, she is still sleeping through the night!  YAY!!!!

* I have been on a cleaning kick lately.  My house is so clean!  It feels good to have a clean house, but I swear no matter how clean the house is Keira can still find the smallest thing on the floor to put in her mouth!  When do they out grown that stage!?!  She is every where and into everything!

* Kaylee has been so cute lately well minus her tantrums she's been throwing this week!  Besides that she is really into playing pretend.  Yesterday she put on her hat, her scarf and grabbed her tin lunch pail and said "see ya mom I'm gonna go get on bus and go to school".  She is talking and saying long sentences.  She is hilarious thats for sure.

* The hubs and I are FINALLY going on date night on Monday.  Jason's mom takes both girls on Mondays from 4:30-8, so Monday's are now our date nights.  I am excited cause we haven't been on a date night in I don't even know when!  So it will be nice to reconnect again.

Well there was a little glimse of what we've been up to this last week and what some of our plans are for this weekend.  Hopefully I have more exciting stuff to talk about after this weekend and have some pictures to share....have a great weekend!


  1. yay for date night!!!! :) weekly date night, awesome! :)
    love all the crafts you are doing, they are super cute :)
    doesnt having a clean house make you feel that much cleaner. When everything is clean/sterlized etc, it makes for a happy couple/family :)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful date night! Those two top teeth are killer, but yay for still sleeping through the night :)

  3. It must be somethin' in the water because I'm in a blogging rut too!

    Enjoy your date night!