Monday, September 12, 2011

Project: Glitter Bottle

I got this idea from Carol at The John & Carol Show. 
It looked like a really easy project and would be fun for the girls!

We headed to Michael's yesterday and got items to go inside the glitter bottles as well as use for other craft projects later.  I got different stuff that would sink and float so it would be interesting for both girls.

I filled the water bottles a little more than half full and then divided up the the different things we got and Kaylee put them into the water bottles for both her & Keira's bottles.  I am going to take the glue gun and glue around the lid so that they cant get the lid off and make a mess.

It was fun, fast and easy.
Keira didn't know what to do with it at first or she was just mezmorized by the colors

I think we'll be doing our halloween craft today when the girls wake up from their nap
Thank you Pinterest for another awesome idea!

I'm going to do a small one with the girls foot prints, I was going to do one with all four of us but daddy's feet are to BIG!  So it will still be cute with just the girls, I'm going to add a bow to it so it's girly and I'll hang it on the front door.

* * * *

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  1. Love the Halloween project! I have that pinned! Let me know how Keira does. I wasnt sure Parker would let me get a good print or not!!

  2. I saw the ghost feet on pinterest too! If only I had little feet to do that with!!! :-) Soon enough!!! And what a fun mommy you are! Love the glitter bottles! My mom and I were always doing some sort of fun craft together. She still says those were the best days of her life. :-) Cherish these little moments with your sweet girls!

  3. I have the 'ghost feet' pinned as well! So stinkin' cute! Let us know how is turns out!

  4. I"m definitely going to do those glitter bottles with my girls--cute!


  5. Great ideas! I think I might do the Halloween feet with Kyla and her two cousins and give it to my mom. She would love it. And I will save your glitter bottles for when Kyla gets older. Thanks for sharing :)

    Mrs. Mommy

  6. CUTE! Love those ideas! And your girlies are just adorable :-)

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water bottle idea...Addie just loves plain water bottles with a little water in them...I'm def going to have to try this!!! And the ghost idea is precious...all of the craftiness is great!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend:)