Friday, September 23, 2011

New jammies & a trip to the park

I have been wanting to go to WalMart for about a week to get the girls new pajamas cause they have grown out of their other ones.  I decided on WalMart because they have pajamas for $5.  They are cute and inexpensive.  I really hate paying $10 or more on pajamas.  So the girls each got 2 pairs for right now, I'm sure I will be heading back to get more.  Kaylee got to choose which ones she wanted and then she also got to pick sissy's as well.  So I held up her options and she picked.  Well she picked that 2 pair they each got had to be the same. If we lived closer to Shawna our girls could have a slumber party all wearing the same pajamas.  Wouldn't that be so cute?!  Kaylee picked owl & zebra jammies.

Don't they look so cute in their matching jammies?!
I thought taking their pictures last night was going to be a dizaster cause Kaylee started off with her mad face and not wanting to look.  But then she did a total 180 and wanted to be silly and then was hugging on sissy which she NEVER does, so it allowed me to get some really cute pictures of them!  The last picture is my favorite!

Before we even left the house yesterday Kaylee asked if we could go to the park.  I told her if she was a good girl at WalMart that we could go to the park on our way home.  I'm happy that we live right around the corner from 2 cool parks.  Well the one park by the school had a lot of little kids and the swings weren't available, so I decided to head down to the other park. No one was there.  So we got out and headed straight for the swings of course.

After swinging for a little bit we headed over to play in the kittie area on the horse and pretend to be drivers.

she is saying "Yee Haw"

Keira had a great time trying to pick up all the wood chips and eat them!

Once we had enough at the kiddie play area we went to the big kid play area.  They have a little bridge that Kaylee likes to go across, this is where Keira actually got a wood chip in her mouth and almost swolled it!  When she puts stuff in her mouth and she knows your coming to take it she closes her mouth really tight and its hard to get your fingers in between her gums to open her mouth.  After much fighting with her I finally got her mouth open and got the little piece of wood chip out!

After taking these pics with the girls I decided lets go run around on the grass and get some energy out before heading home to take naps.  Kaylee played peek a boo behind a tree while Keira just took it all in and tried to eat the grass!

We then ran across the park to the old school.  When they were building this park they decided to bring over this old school that use to be an actual school here in town way back when.  You cant go inside cause they have it all locked.  But the girls & I walked over there where they had their picture taken and Keira attempted to eat a small rock she found.  This kid is gonna make me get gray hair!

The girls and I had a great first half of the day yesterday, I love being able to get out and have fun with them.


  1. Too funny, the zebra pjs are the other matching pair we got too! :-) The last pic of the girls is great--I wish my two would do a cute picture together!! And the one of you and Keira is really good too.


  2. Looks like such a great day! The jammie pictures are so cute! I have to admit, I kinda love the first one :)

    I wish Kyla would sit in the grass. She freaks out whenever I sit her down in it.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. You're girls are so cute!! I love those matchy pjs...super cute! :)