Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Fun & a Sleep Training update

We had a fun and busy weekend on the go the whole time.

Before I get into our fun weekend.  I just want to send out a prayer to all the families killed and injured in the Reno Air Race over the weekend.  On Friday at 4:30 a P-51 Mustang crashed going 500mph right next to the grand stands due to mechanical troubles.  3 people were killed and 50 people were injured.  The scary part was the my hubby was suppose to be at this show with the jet team, but he ended up not going.  His dad called us and said that they saw the whole thing and parts from the plane flew towards them and they had to duck out of the way so they didn't get hit, some of the parts hit the jets (no damage was done).  But it's just sad.  I am glad that our jet team was safe and I'm feeling a sence of relief that Jason didn't go.
So if you could say a prayer for the familes!

* * * *

On Friday after Kaylee left to go to Grandma's house, Keira and I headed outside to have some fun since the weather was so amazing.  It had cooled down a lot so it was in the lower 80s and it felt great!  We played on the swings and she crawled around the backyard, heading for the pool the whole time.



Once daddy got home we were suppose to go to the grocery store, but Mommy was to tired.  So we loaded up Keira went and got dog food and then went to go get something to eat (mexican food, YUM).  I got a call around 7:45 from Grandma saying that Kaylee was going to be spending the night.  After getting our food we headed over to my dads house to see his new truck he got and to just hang out.  We were there for a little bit before heading home.

Sleeping Training on Friday night went great.  She had her normal bedtime bottle and then had a "dreamfeed" when I went to bed and slept from 9-6 I was in heaven.

* * * *

Saturday morning we all got up and headed downstaires, I cleaned up the house while daddy played with Keira for a little bit before leaving to go get the oil changed in his company truck and headed out to our friends house in Discovery Bay.  Keira went down for a nap around 9:30 and sissy got home around 10.  We waited for Keira to wake up before heading to the grocery store, my brother came with us so that he could help me out.  Once we got back from the store both the girls went down for a nap around 2:30pm.  I got a call from Jason saying the our friends got dinner and we should come out there as soon as the girls wake up.  Once the girls woke up around 4:30 we got everything together and loaded them up in the car and headed out to our friends house.  They were BBQing hamburgers and hot dogs.

After dinner daddy was laying on the hamick, which I've discovered that we need one bad cause Keira LOVED it!  She sat in that thing for over an hour.  Kaylee pushed her and they both loved it.  Kaylee didn't want to get in the hamick!


After dinner we hung out for a little bit longer while daddy and Gary raced around their RC trucks (daddy was building an RC track for their trucks during the day).  Around 8 we said our good byes and loaded the girls up and headed home.  We got home around 8:30, I got the girls ready for bed and daddy took Kaylee up and I made Keira a bottle.  She drank all her bottle and fell asleep on her own.  I took up upstaires and put her to bed.  I came back downstaires to snuggle with the hubby while watching TV before we headed to bed.  I ended up falling asleep, so the hubs woke me up and we went to bed.  It was around 11, I did a "dreamfeed" with Keira thinking we've been on the go all day she should sleep really good.  Nope Saturday night we had another set back.  She woke up at 1:45am and didn't go back to sleep till 4:30am.  It was a LONG night full of tears from both of us.  I was beyond frusterated and didn't know what to do.  I couldn't figure out why she was awake & why she just wouldn't go back to sleep.  I knew she was tired and she was fighting me on going back to sleep the whole time.  She finally fell asleep around 4:15 and she woke back up for the day at 7am on Sunday morning.  NOT A GOOD NIGHT!

* * * *

So its now 7am on Sunday morning and my crazy kid whole was up most of the night is awake and ready to play.  I wanted to SCREAM, I was so tired and was not ready to be awake.  So the hubs suggested that I turn the TV on for her.  I was able to fall back asleep till 8:15 when Kaylee woke up and came into our room.  We got up and got ready cause we were heading back out to our friends house that morning for daddy to finish the RC track and to play on it.  I got the girls dressed and myself ready.  We left the house and went and got donuts and Starbucks and headed to our friends house.  We got there around 10:30 and once we got there I tried to put Keira down for a nap, she fought me the whole time, so she didn't take her morning nap.  We hung out and played, we watched daddy race around and Kaylee got scared a few times cause she didn't like the RC trucks coming by her (she's silly). 


My favorite picture of her!

We ate lunch and around 1:30 daddy loaded the tractor on the trailer and we loaded the girls up to headed home so they could take a nap.  Keira fell asleep on the ride home and I was able to take her from the car and just put her in bed.  She took a long nap.  Once the girls woke up we headed over to my dad's house for a BBQ.   There was lots of playing outside, coloring, playing together and riding in this old car my dad has.  Keira loved the car.

We had a great time at my dad's house but we left around 8:30 to head home.  We got home I got the girls ready for bed and while Keira was drinking her bottle I decided that I was going to take her pack n play upstaires and I put it in our closet.  I got her bed all ready and even put her music player in there.  When I came back downstaires she had fallen asleep, so I took her upstaires and put her in the pack n play.  My brother was making fun of me for putting her in the closet!  I went upstaires at 10 cause I was exhausted.  At around 2:30am I heard a few noises from her but for only like 5 minutes.  Then at around 6:30am I headed her again, she was talking and hitting on the edge of her bed, I got up and gave her the bottle of water that I left in her pack n play.  I gave it to her and went back to bed thinking that she'll want to get up when she's done, boy was I wrong.  She drank the water and went back to sleep till 8am.  It was so nice to be able to sleep.  So we are going to continue to put her in the pack n play in the closet for the rest of the week and see how she does.  If all goes well then we are going to be moving her crib back into her room with sissy.  So here's to hoping for a great week of sleep!  FINGERS CROSSED.

* * * *

This morning we have a fun errands to run before nap time.  The girls are going to Grandma's today.  The hubs and I were suppose to have a date night tonight but his mom invited us over for dinner cause Jason's brother will be there, he's been working in Fresno and we haven't really seen him in awhile.  So we'll have to move date nigth to next Monday!

Have a great week    


  1. I love all the new pictures. The girls are just gorgeous! Good luck with sleep training this week!

  2. Fingers crossed for a good week of sleep!!!! Love the pictures :-)


  3. Such beautiful girls! Sounds like a fun, busy weekend!

    Mrs. Mommy

  4. ohhhh im curious...about how long does it take you to make these blogs?? i really want to start, every single time I read a post im gonna do it!!!!! Then I never get there! lol :)

    I love love love all the pictures of the girls. Your favorite picture of Kaylee is my favorite picture too:) The ones with you and Keira you can SO tell she is tired...her eyes are pink! My girls eyes get this pink look to them when they are exhausted:D

  5. Sounds like you had a really great weekend! I always love looking at your pictures, and the sequence of Kaylee picking her nose is too funny :) She has gorgeous blue eyes, too! I hope the sleep training gets better!!