Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Months Old

Keira Alexis,

We've reached the double digets.  You are 10 months old today and growing up way to fast for mommy.  The party planning for your birthday has begun, we only have 2 months.

Mommy is so proud of all that you have accomplished.  I think you will be walking soon, which mommy is NOT ready for!  I want you to stay little for a little while longer.  You are not looking like a baby anymore your starting to look like such a big girl.  Watching you grow these last 10 months have been such a joy and I'm excited to continue to watch you grow and learn.

SLEEPING:  Sleeping has been an issue with you for the past 9.5 months and now I can finally say that you SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!  It has been AWESOME.  At around 8pm you drink your bottle and then I rock you for about 15 minutes to get my snuggles in and for you to relax and then I put you in your bed. You go to bed at 9 and wake up around 7-7:30.  I do put a bottle of water in your bed in case you do wake up at night but most mornings the bottle is still full.  Both you & mommy are waking up much happier each morning. YAY for sleeping.

NAPING:  You still take 2 naps a day.  One at 9am for 2 hours and then another one at 2pm for 2 hours.  At nap time mommy just puts you in your bed and you put yourself to sleep.

EATING:  You have really taken off with eating.  You want to try everything.  You love cheerios & kix.  But it was fun to watch you eat sketti the other night.  At first you didn't know what to do with it.  But after I put some in your mouth, you loved it and ate it all, plus you had a little garlic bread with it.  You eat 3 times a day (2 jars) and 4 7oz bottles.  The people food you've tried that you love is- french fries, garlic bread, saltines, corn, chicken & sketti.

Weight: 19lbs (46%)
Height: 29" (86%)
Clothes: 18 months
Shoes: 3
Diaper: 4
Teeth: 2 (top 2 about to pop through)
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue
  • you love to growl (which makes me laugh every time)
  • you are a total MOMMY'S GIRL
  • you love to be in the pool
  • we had to move your crib to the lower level
  • you wave and say bye bye
  • you walk while holding people's hands
  • you walk the furniture
  • you follow your sister around every where
  • we finally moved you back into your room and you've been sleeping great
  • you can turn the pages in a book
  • you can stand alone for about 10 seconds
  • you love to DANCE!
  • you always have your tounge out

The bond thats formed between you and your sister is just amazing.  I love watching the two of you together.  I love how sissy can make you laugh and that you love to follow her around.  Your face brightens up when you see her and its just so cute!

You have grown and changed so much

Mommy loves you baby girl.  Thank you for being such a chill and easy going girl.
Love Mommy


  1. Happy 10 months Keira! I love the details of your monthly posts. It will be so nice to look back on:) Have a great 10 month birthday!

  2. AWWW she is so beautiful... as you know! Cant believe shes almost ONE!

  3. Happy 10 months Keira! So cute seeing her eat spaghetti :)


  4. Oh so is so precious!!!! Happy 10 months to your gal. Do you think I could borrow her so she could teach my 14 month old how to sleep all night?

  5. Happy 10 months sweet Keira!!! Wow...I can't believe we are here with our girls already...that means that Sophie will be here VERY quickly!!!