Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where's the FALL weather?!

As much as I LOVE summer and spending hours and hours in the pool with my family, I am so ready for Fall to be here.  Wearing cozy sweatshirts and drinking decaf white mochas from Starbucks!  I also cant wait to do a little Fall shopping for myself and the girls. 

I was able to sell a big chunk of Keira's clothes and Carter's was having a HUGE sale so I ordered a bunch of long sleeve shirts for Keira.  I was able to get her 7 shirts, 5 long sleeve onesies and 1 three piece outfit for $50.  Its awesome to get great deals. Our next stop is to look at Target this weekend.

The weather here in Northern CA has still been as hot as can be, still in the mid 90s and is showing no signs of going away anytime this month.  The hubs only works halfs days cause it's so hot and trying to work with steel doesn't work out to well.  I want to be able to go outside at 10 at night and not still feel like it's 3 in the afternoon.  Last night when I let the dogs in at 10 to go to bed, it was still 80 degrees outside.

Since there's no sign of it getting cooler you can find us playing in the pool, Kaylee running around with crazy hair dues & the girls playing in just their diaper/undies!  I will be praying to the gods for fall to come soon.




* * * *

Last night after Keira fell asleep in her bouncer, I left her there for about 15 minutes before taking her up to bed.  I left the room for 5 minutes to go get her bottle ready (cause she still wakes up during the night) and I walked back to find her like this.  This isn't the first time she fell asleep like this.  It looks so uncomfortable but it doesn't seem to bother her.


  1. We have your fall weather over here--the girls are wearing hoodies this morning!

    Love that picture of Keira in the bouncey lol


  2. Wishing we could share some of our fall weather here in the Midwest with you over there!

    Mrs. Mommy

  3. We definitely have the fall weather here in Lapland, Finland. At nights, it's below +5 celsius degrees. And I love it! ♥