Friday, September 9, 2011

80 days

until my baby turns ONE!

It feels like I just had her and I was filled with mixed emotions about if I could handle being a mom of two, if Kaylee would be jealous and what the future was going to be like now that I had two babies.  I was so nervous that I wasn't going to be able to handle taking care of two babies by myself while my hubby was at work, but to my surprise I was able to do it.  Kaylee wasn't jealous and the future for us is looking BRIGHT!  I cant believe I have 80 days till the BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY.  When you have baby #2 it goes by so much faster than when you had baby #1.  I wish it didn't.  Somedays I feel sad that I'm not able to give Keira 100% of my time like I did with Kaylee, yes I do one on one time with each of them but it doesn't feel the same.  I do love the time that I get to spend with them together and seperatly.

Keira is such a good baby, she's so chill and goes with the flow.  She is very impatient just like her sister and will let you if she doesn't like what your doing.  She is crawling and climbing onto everything.  She's walking when you hold onto her hands, Jason's mom thinks she'll walk soon.  She gets the look like she wants to but isn't quite sure of herself and will go from stading while holding something back to sitting and then full speed crawl.  I am not pushing her to walk that's for sure, I wouldn't mind if she waited until 14 months old to walk like her sister...haha

Kaylee & Keira are forming an awesome bond together.  I love hearing them play together and all the giggles that come with it.  It melts my heart.  There are those times when Kaylee gets to rough and can be a little mean.  But for the most part they are best buds.  Kaylee better watch it cause Keira is going to pass her up and then Keira will start picking on Kaylee. LOL

So the preperations are getting started, I'm making my lists and getting picture ideas for her 1st birthday.
Theme: Bubble Bees
My mom is making her this super cute skirt for her party and I'll be making her a onesie to match.  I'm excited for her party.  I found a really cute birthday stuff on that I'll be ordering.

Let the fun & countdown begin!

* * * *

I think it's safe to say that I have a crazy sleeper.  When Keira falls asleep in her bouncer she gets into some pretty uncomfortable looking positions and continues to sleep like that. 
See what I'm talking about....
funny right!?!


* * * *

Here is my IPhone picture dump


Have a great weekend. 
Saturday we will be hanging out around the house.
Sunday morning we are headed to LA, CA to visit the beach and some friends and then Monday the boys have some parts they have to return and buy at Kartek (an offroad place).  So Sunday we will be leaving around 7 to make the 6 hour drive (wish us luck) and once we get there we're going to meet up with my cousin and her 2 kids at the beach and then go to dinner with some friends that we went to high school with.  Should be a fun weekend, hope the drive there and back goes smoothly!

* * * *

I will leave you with a video I took of Keira yesterday.


  1. Hahah I love how she sleeps with her feet in the air...that's hilarious! What a sweet little video :) Happy Friday!

  2. isn't it crazy how fast they grow?! argh!!

    love all the sweeet pics

  3. Oh my gosh those pics of her sleep are hilarious!! Love it!

  4. what awesome photos!!! Mine have never been that good at sleeping!

    Time goes faster and faster the more babies you have --- you're just so busy living that you forget to mark the days off on the calender and before you know it, you're putting a new one up.

  5. 1. The picture of Keira in the swing- she looks SO old ;( omg!!!! like such a little girl. uh. i hate that they grow up ;)
    2. She is by far the CRAZIEST sleeper ever. those pictures are hilarious.